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Things We Saw Today: Fox News Doesn’t Realize Captain America Has Always Been Political


Fox News talking about Captain America

Fox News brought out all the big guns to talk about Captain America being “politicized.” The Marvel character, who has been around since 1941, seemingly has gone too far in a most recent issue of the comic.

Michael Loftus, host of The Loftus Party and a comedian, went on Fox to talk about an important issue: The recent politicizing of Captain America. Wait, what? I’m sorry. Did I just write the “recent”? As many of us Captain America fans know, Steve Rogers was created to oppose fascism. He literally punches Nazis in the face in multiple early issues of his comics. He has constantly been someone who would have fought against every single thing the Republican party let happen for the last four years with Donald Trump, and you bet your ASS that Steve would have gone to the riots at the Capitol and pulled the domestic terrorists there out of the Capitol Building himself.

So why exactly is Fox News thinking that Captain America is … suddenly political?

Uh …

The actual clip is so much worse.

This apparently has been a multiple segment issue on Fox News. But let’s talk about Loftus first. He says that the Left is going to come after everything that “real Americans” hold near and dear. The thing is this man is supposedly a comedian?

Dean Cain—yes, that Dean Cain, if you somehow missed who he’s become—also agrees. In fact, Cain references a DIFFERENT segment talking about this Captain America comic, but I was not subjecting myself to a third Fox News segment. My blood pressure could not handle it. But Dean Cain, you know, the man who played Superman and yet forgets everything that Superman stands for.

The quote they’re all mad about is in the issue pointing out that the American Dream can quickly become the American Lie when it only benefits select people. And I guess they’re angry that it says that the American Dream, as it was first thought to be, isn’t real. Which is the truth. The American Dream isn’t real; it’s something that was created to benefit select Americans and not every American. We’ve been told our entire lives that you can have the American Dream and that’s true largely for the white and well-off. It isn’t true for everyone and Captain America is a symbol that represents all Americans, just not the kind of people Fox News believes are the “real” ones.

Dean Cain went on and on about how great America is and how grateful we should be that we have this government, but I think he’s missing the fact that we are granted the freedom to criticize our government and try to make it better, and that we should all want it to improve. That’s part of our rights as citizens of America. So him trying to tell people to stop politicizing something or stop criticizing America is actually un-American.

What we have here is a classic case of everyone at Fox News willfully misunderstanding what things mean. They’re the same people who say that Star Wars is suddenly too woke or that Superman would agree with their right-wing politics. They completely miss the meaning of these heroes and think we’re trying to turn everything into some leftist agenda, and if we point out that they have always been this way, we’re pushing our ideas onto them. No, sorry, we’re just explaining something to you since you can’t seem to wrap your head around what’s always been on the page before you. I figured Steve Rogers literally punching Hitler was pretty self-explanatory.

(Marvel Comics)

They’ve always been that way. The minute Steve Rogers punched a Nazi in the face, he was political. The minute that Clark Kent stepped foot into the Daily Planet, he became a part of the “fake news” outlet that people like Fox News hate so much. But to them, they just want to complain and yell and say that we all hate America because that’s easier, I guess, than recognizing that this country is far from perfect and needs a lot of work done on it.

Please, I’m begging everyone, stop letting Fox News talk about pop culture. I’m going to go prematurely gray if we keep this up.

(image: Fox News)

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