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Yup, There’s Already an “America (F*** Yeah)” Edition of the New Winter Soldier Clip, and It’s Stupendous

Marvel should just license this song already and be done with it.


Yesterday, we got a brand new clip fromĀ Captain America: The Winter Soldier that showed the full scene for the titular soldier catching Cap’s shield, and it featured plenty of America’s finest soldier breaking stuff and generally being awesome. So it was only a matter of time until the Internet came through with an “America (F*ck Yeah)” mashup.

In case you couldn’t guess by the title, it’s NSFW, but I highly recommend finding a way around that with some headphones and giving it a watch. Of course, this mashup has been done approximately infinity times, but I’m a huge fan of the song, the way this movie is shaping up, and this clip specifically, so I just couldn’t help myself.

If you somehow haven’t seen these yet, here’s the previous one, and from now on, maybe we should all just agree to play this song while watching promos for this movie to take the burden off of YouTube.

(RobExists via UPROXX)

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