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If You Can Still Get Skeeved Out by Donald Trump Objectifying Brigitte Macron, Maybe There’s Hope

"What did he do now?" -Everyone

Look, Donald Trump has said a lot of vile things, both in describing his planned political policies and in talking about human beings, but I’m kind of glad I can still managed to be shocked by it. It’s not that I don’t fully expect this behavior of Donald Trump—oh, how I do—but I’m glad that I haven’t become numb to it, because that’s probably the only thing that could be worst than his actions in the first place.

What did he do this time? Oh, only pulled out some greetings for French first lady Brigitte Macron that seemed like he was actively trying to outdo the awkward exchange he had with a reporter in the White House, wherein he called her over to comment on her smile. He commented on Macron’s physical appearance three times in a row, twice remarking that she’s “in such good shape,” and then calling her beautiful. None of that is appropriate, but I think the part that really makes my skin crawl is when he quickly decides, almost before even finishing his “compliment,” that he should really turn and direct his approval to her husband.

If the verbal exchange wasn’t enough, there was also a physical one, where it looked like Macron was actively trying to pull away from Trump. He seemed to use his trusty handshake tactic of yanking the other person’s arm, and then went back in for a little pat on the back:

So, I’m sorry if you’re creeped out all over again watching any of this, but I’m glad to not yet be desensitized to having a president who talks about and interacts with women like they’ve been brought before him for his expert appraisal.

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