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The New Canadian Five Dollar Bill Has Space Robots on It, Makes Presidents Look Lame


It looks like if Canada has just decided if they have anything interesting to announce, they’re just going to let Chris Hadfield do it from space. I’m prepared to say this is the right call, because let’s face it — dude kills. Case in point: Yesterday saw Hadfield introduce the world to the new Canadian five dollar bill, a piece of currency notable for featuring the first ever image of a space robot to grace cold hard cash.

The new Canadian $5, which has been criticized by some as being “too cartoonish,” features the image of Dextre, a Canada-designed robot that serves as one of Canada’s major contributions to the International Space Station. The other, of course, is Hadfield himself, but it’s probably a little early to start putting him on money. They’ll probably wait until he’s out of orbit, at least.

The new fives are accompanied by a new round of Canadian ten dollar bills, and both leave behind paper to get printed on polymers that make them harder to counterfeit and more durable. But let’s face it — the real story here is that this money has space robots on it. Look how excited that idea has Hadfield in the introduction video below, beamed down from the ISS!

(via YouTube, Globe and Mail)

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