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Can You Draw the Internet?

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Can You Draw the Internet? is an online art contest pitting the young people who have grown up with high-speed, omnipresent Internet in their lives against creative professionals. The aim? Come up with a creative, compelling representation of what the Internet looks like.

Children today are growing up in a world of technology and communications. They have never experienced a world without the internet, with every part of their day consumed by mobile phones, websites, computer games, apps, Xbox, you name it.

We took this thought and ‘thought’ it would be interesting to find out what their perception of the internet actually is, by way of scribble, drawing, or piece of art.

Then, to make things even more interesting we thought it would be great to get the creative industry involved. Why? To find out who’s the more creative. The industry with all of it’s wisdom, or the kids with their vivid imaginations.

Anyway, we’d love it if you could spare a few seconds, minutes or even hours to get something down on paper, no matter how basic.

Above: An entry by a student named Maya.

(Can You Draw the Internet? via Gorilla Mask)

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