Calvin Klein Jumps on the QR Bandwagon

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Calvin Klein has just stepped their multimedia marketing game up. The mega brand has replaced three of their billboards, two in New York, one in Los Angeles, with red and white QR codes — there’s not a single Lara Stone to be found. And a QR code — if you, like us, were wondering — is basically a two-dimensional bar code that can be read by most smart phones equipped with a camera. So what do you get when you take a photo of the billboard?

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A 40 second video of Lara Stone “frolicking with four male models,” says Racked.

According to Mashable, QR codes are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in Japan, and advertisers are hoping to co-opt the trend as a way to increase user engagement — or, if you ask us, force them to “see” the ad in the first place.

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