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Calling All N7s: New Details Revealed For The Next Mass Effect Game

Hey, it's more than we got at E3!

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The details surrounding the next Mass Effect game are still very much a mystery, but Saturday’s BioWare panel shed a bit more light on what’s in store. We’ve known for a while that this game will be a departure from the existing trilogy, but as of yesterday, we have confirmation that at least one familiar feature from the first game will return. Drumroll, please.


Strap in and hang on, ladies and gents. The Mako is BACK. Yes, the M35 handled like a dead whale, but it was our dead whale. I, for one, am happy to be heading planetside once again. Sure beats the heck out of scanning for minerals.

mako concept

But who will be driving the intrepid all-terrain vehicle? Ahh, there’s the question. Commander Shepard’s story ended with Mass Effect 3 — as was confirmed once again at yesterday’s panel — but the new protagonist’s identity remains unknown. However, the game will take place during the same time period as the current trilogy. I admit to being a little surprised by that, and just a touch sad — I had vague hopes for a First Contact War game. There’s some speculation out there that the character may be a customizable N7 operative, as suggested by concept art labeled “Your Mako” and “Your Hero.” Which brings us to the most important bit: the female armor looks rad (though a little blurry).



The new game will also include multiplayer, with a focus on cooperative gameplay, rather than competitive. This is in keeping with Mass Effect 3’s surprisingly solid multiplayer mode, which (a) won over my extreme dubiousness and (b) I still play to this day. I would definitely be down for a second helping along those lines.

There’s no release window for the game yet, and that’s fine by me. This is one of those that I’m happy to wait for.

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