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Caine’s Arcade Is The Best Cardboard Arcade Ever To Be Run By A 9-Year-Old

Kids are pretty uniquely talented when it comes to being able to get fired up about things. I, for instance, had grand plans to build a Commander Keen-style spacecraft out of my parents’ old car and some box fans. 9-year-old Caine Monroy from L.A. had plans to construct his own arcade out of cardboard, and operate it out of his dad’s used auto parts store. Unlike me, Caine stayed devoted to his goal and found insane success when his first customer¬†Nirvan Mullick organized a flash-mob of other patrons and filmed a short documentary about it. Kind of makes you wonder if you pursued your childhood dreams hard enough, doesn’t it?

While some of Caine’s business decisions are questionable, like offering four plays for one dollar and 500 for two, you have to get those kind of mistakes out of the way early, right? With experience like this under his belt, Caine has to have learned some important business lessons he can use to become a ludicrous success later in life. Or maybe it’s just one-time, lucky success. Either way, how many short films have you been the focus of and how many arcades have you built?

(via Best Week Ever)

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