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Lightyear Trailer Gives Us a Look at the Real (Fake) Man Behind the Toy

Let Chris Evans do all the animated movies.

Chris Evans as hot animated Buzz Lightyear

Have you ever wondered who the toy Buzz Lightyear was based on? Well, probably not. We watched Toy Story as kids and wanted to own the toys not really know that much about the lore, but now that I’ve watched the trailer for Disney’s Lightyear, I’ve realized that I was maybe wrong.

We got our first trailer for the Chris Evans-voiced movie Lightyear about the character the Buzz Lightyear toy was based on in the Toy Story franchise. Showing the brilliance of space exploration and teasing us with Lightyear’s catchphrase, the trailer is something that I don’t think anyone really thought about outside of watching the Toy Story movies. But after seeing how amazing this movie looks? I will admit to being wrong and brushing this movie off.

From Lightyear himself to his friendship with a fellow astronaut (I love her and would die for her and no this is not an exaggeration), the movie just gives us a backstory to a franchise we know and love so much. It doesn’t mean we’ll get movies about Woody or Jessie or anyone else, but maybe it’ll open the door to stories like that.

Evans is clearly excited to be a part of this project. It’s no secret how much Chris Evans loves Disney and animated movies, and now that he’s getting his own, it’s a wonderful thing to see. His series of tweets about Lightyear show just how happy he is to be a part of this world.

So excited that he didn’t even double-check the month (and adorably quote tweeted himself correcting it instead of just deleting the tweet and doing it again).

Evans went on to talk about how much animated movies meant to him growing up and his exploration of storytelling.

It’s incredibly sweet because so many of us were shaped by Disney movies growing up. We have our favorite, we know which movies we love the most, and if we had the chance to voice a character in one, we’d probably jump for joy. Evans getting to be Buzz Lightyear? That’s the dream!

Lightyear is coming out in June 2022, and we can’t wait!

(image: Disney)

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