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Things We Saw Today: In Which Buffy Summers and Prue Halliwell Talk About Their Friendship

Shannen Doherty and Sarah Michelle Gellar had an excellent interview on ET that made my Buffy/Charmed heart sing like crazy. The two women were at Doherty’s home and they talked about Doherty’s stage 4 cancer, Beverly Hills: 90210, and their friendship, which has lasted so many years. Also, I’d love to have Sarah Michelle Gellar have her own interview show where she talks to her friends.

I felt myself getting emotional and smiling at the friendship between these two women and that despite everything they can be so vulnerable with each other. Gellar’s warmth, Doherty’s natural charisma, and both of their snark made this an excellent watch. Most importantly it’s great that they both love and support each other. More positive celebrity things like this, please!

At one point Doherty asks if Gellar’s kids prefer 90210 to Buffy.

“So, they’re just finishing Buffy, and they’re getting ready to start the first three years of Charmed,” Gellar said.

“And only the first three years,” Doherty says. “Then we’re just going to turn it off.”

“There’s more than three years? I don’t think so,” Gellar quips. “Well, there’s three years and a reboot.”

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  • Laura Benanti joins the cast of the Gossip Girl reboot at HBO Max. (via EW)
  • Black witches are tired of their stories not being told and Hollywood stereotyping them. (via Variety)
  • Ever revisit your old favorites and find it’s a little problematic? Well sometimes, the most important thing you can do is communicate with your kids. (via HuffPo)
  • There is a new Anne Boleyn in town and it is the gorgeous Jodie Turner-Smith. (via Deadline)
  • Fanfiction writers everywhere rise up: Rachel Bloom is writing a *NSYNC superfan movie for Sony. (via Variety)
  • Check out this Kickstarter campaign for Air Hares, an all-ages PC game and graphic novel about the intrepid bunny Captain Rabbo Sunskipper and her faithful fellow pilots. “Air Hares was born of a simple idea: what if bunnies could figure out how to fly airplanes?” Go on, you have our attention. “It’s also about perseverance, positivity, and finding hope through technology.” We could all use more of this right now. Help them reach their goal! (via Kickstarter)

It’s finally actually Friday, not every other day you thought was Friday this week. What did you see out there?

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