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Harvey Guillén Would Love to See Buffy on What We Do in the Shadows, and Same

A Van Helsing and Summers mash-up? The world will never be the same.

Buffy Summers and Guillermo

Harvey Guillén is making a name for himself in the world. From starring in Werewolves Within to doing his own live talk show, he’s killing it! But many of us know and love him from his introduction to the world of vampires as Guillermo on What We Do in the Shadows, the FX show set in Staten Island and based on the movie of the same name. From the wildly fun minds of Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, the show is much of the same energy that the 2014 movie was. This time, with the wonderful addition of Guillermo, though.

So when Guillén was asked about who his ideal guest star would be by, he gave … honestly, the perfect answer: Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers.

“I would like Sarah Michelle Gellar to stop by and to revisit Buffy and maybe train Guillermo or maybe give him some pointers. That’d be cool because we’ve introduced those monster and horror characters from the past or from past films or whatnot, so it would be nice to introduce maybe a slayer from the past and to show him the ropes.”

For a show like What We Do in the Shadows, this would actually work perfectly—well, more so that Sarah Michelle Gellar showing up could confirm that anyone who has played a vampire slayer is, in fact, a vampire slayer, like at the end of season 1 when all the actors who played vampires were confirmed as actual vampires. I knew in my heart of hearts that Tom Hiddleston always was one (he was not on the show, but by What We Do in the Shadows, he is one along with Pedro Pascal and more).

The reason bringing Buffy in really works with Guillén, though, is because his character is from a famous family of vampire hunters. Remember, Guillermo is a Van Helsing and just very good at killing vampires, even if he loves working for Laszlo, Nandor, and Nadja. It also helps that Guillermo is probably the best character on the show, and that’s hard when What We Do in the Shadows is filled with amazing new characters to this universe.

The idea is just really cool and works with the series as a whole. One of my favorite things about What We Do in the Shadows is the reveal that anyone who played a vampire actually is one. So why not expand that? Does that mean that Guillermo’s ancestor is Hugh Jackman? Cause if you want to bring back the 2004 movie Van Helsing, I’m not going to complain about it. (I unapologetically love that horrendous movie.)

Hopefully, Harvey Guillén gets his wish and we can see the world continue to expand. Because watching Buffy Summers or just Sarah Michelle Geller try deal with Nadja is now on my bucket list.

(image: FX/Warner Bros.)

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