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Evil Dead’s Bruce Campbell Is Officiating a Wedding

Cult actor Bruce Campbell, who won our hearts as a guy who killed zombies in the Evil Dead movies, stole our smiles as a guy who killed medieval zombies in Army of Darkness, and played an old guy who might or might not have been Elvis in Bubba Ho-Tep, was recently ordained as a real-life minister, apparently. And he’s going to officiate a wedding at a zombie-themed convention.

Geekscape reports that Campbell will be marrying one couple at ZomBCon, “the premiere zombie convention being held this Halloween in Seattle.” In addition, he’ll preside over a mass vow renewal ceremony thereafter. Also: Ted Raimi, the younger brother of Evil Dead and Spider-Man director Sam Raimi and an accomplished gonzo actor in his own right, is going to be the altar boy. Ridiculous? Absolutely.

More details here.

(Geekscape via Topless Robot)

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