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Meme Spawns Instantly out of Bro’s Sad, Xenophobic Self-Own



Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes isn’t shy about his political views, including the “closed borders” ideology espoused by xenophobic jerks in the United States and abroad. It’s important enough to him to kick off his Twitter bio, for whatever that says about a person. It was also important enough for him to DM “an ex in Paris,” berate her for the loss of the Trump-endorsed Le Pen for President of France, and post her scathing response to Twitter so the rest of us could join in—on her side.

In case you needed any more information on what McInnes is like as a person, he says that he sent a message to the aforementioned “ex” asking, “What the fuck have you idiots done?” I can’t imagine why it didn’t work out. (I should note that the French election wasn’t even close, so there’s a pretty strong consensus in France on who is the actual idiot here.) Presumably, what he means by that is that he wants to know how it’s possible that a country that has endured terror attacks can keep it together and not give over to politics motivated by fear, xenophobia, and a misplaced sense of patriotism. I can see how that might be confusing to someone in the United States.

His tweet contained a screenshot of part of her reply, which read, “hatred. You must feel very alienated from a lot of people in your past. I’m at a loss as to how I was ever with someone like you. It’s something I’m ashamed of. Your family and wife must be proud. Vive la france.” Why McInnes thought it was a good idea to post this is beyond the grasp of anyone who doesn’t subscribe to his warped ideology, where I have to imagine such a thing is seen as proof of the hypocrisy of the “tolerant left.” We all know that strongly rebuking intolerance is just as bad as being intolerant of those who are different from you, as the wise hordes of Internet trolls have told us.

The Internet also has good trolls, though, and they were swift in their mockery of McInnes’s tweet, turning it into a meme in short order to deliver the only critique it really deserved:

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