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Recaps From the Brightest Timeline: Community Season 6 Episode 2 “Guidance Ethics”

Your timeline is irrelevant.

Brightest Timeline

Hey! We didn’t forget about you on our trip to the brightest timeline. Lots of timelines have a Fourth of July, so Community wasn’t on last Thursday because of the holiday weekend. Oh, we heard that you guys are getting a sixth season of Community, too. That’s great! (I heard yours won’t have Donald Glover, though.)

But we did travel all the way here in the Dreamatorium and everything. So, we’re going to keep bringing you recaps of the show’s sixth season here, and then we can compare it with what you guys get and pity the darkest timeline, where it probably never existed in the first place.

Anyway, on to the recap!

When we left off last week, Troy was back and he and Abed were buddies again.


Greendale was saved for the foreseeable future by Troy’s donated riches, and he landed a gig as a guidance counselor.


And basically everything was awesome.


When this week’s episode begins, Troy is settling into his new role as guidance counselor at Greendale much like season five’s second episode where Jeff was learning the ropes of being a teacher. Things get a bit awkward, but it turns out that Greendale’s a little short on guidance counselors, so he’s been assigned to pretty much everyone, including the entire study group.

The only person who will take him seriously is Annie. The episode shifts focus to further Annie’s character and explore her criminal justice career goals and moving her life beyond Greendale. To that end, Troy talks to Hickey and finds her a lot of internship options, but most of the good ones are in different areas and would require her to transfer schools.

Jeff takes the idea of Annie leaving Greendale really well.


At a faculty/staff-only event, Jeff reveals to Troy that he still has feelings for Annie despite what went on with Britta last season, to which the Dean of course replies that they’ll always have each other if Annie leaves. As Jeff sees Annie growing as a person (not to mention her growing expertise in their shared interest in the law), his feelings for her are getting stronger, and he doesn’t want to lose her.

Jeff asks Troy to use his guidance powers to convince Annie to stay at Greendale.


Troy feels caught between his two friends and his duties as a guidance counselor. Because Troy doesn’t start off every episode as a complete narcissistic monster like Jeff, he keeps quiet because he doesn’t want to accidentally say anything that will sway Annie one way or another with his new knowledge.

So, Annie gets pretty frustrated with him, because their guidance sessions start to look like this:


Troy decides that to keep helping Annie, he’ll need to get some help with his problem, so he goes to sit in on an ethics class. Unfortunately, Jeff’s role as a teacher has expanded, and he now teaches business ethics, which is the class Troy winds up in.

Jeff sits down with him after class to find out why he needs advice on ethics, and Troy tells him the details of the situation in the abstract. Jeff gives a great Jeff speech that I didn’t manage to transcribe about the situation and unknowingly explains how the right thing to do would be to tell Annie the truth.

Troy, finally seeing how wrong it was of Jeff to ask him what he did, finally tells him that the ethics question was about him, and Jeff, realizing he’s being the worst, is all:


He tells Troy that he’s proud of him for not only convincing him that he was wrong with his own argument—a brilliant lawyer tactic that Jeff can’t help but respect—but also for being a better person than him. He tells Troy that he should explain the whole situation to Annie, no matter how bad it makes Jeff look.

Then he goes off to sulk and probably do a few more push ups or something.

Troy does wind up telling Annie why he started acting weird, but he omits the part about Jeff’s feelings for her, despite her insistence that he tell her everything.


Of course, Annie figures out Jeff’s real motive whether Troy will confirm it or not, though she’s too mad at him and Jeff to admit that she figured it out because she still has feelings for him, too. Then Troy figures that out, and now he feels like he has an even bigger secret, but the episode ends there, so that’ll probably come back later in the season. The status of Annie staying or going is still kind of up in the air, too.

Jeff’s pretty proud of Troy for not listening to him in the first place and doing the right thing, though.


So that’s it for this week’s episode. I wonder if our sixth season will finish before yours starts. Oh, and I’ve heard that next week’s episode will focus on Shirley for once, so that’s nice.


(images via Community)

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