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Brie Larson Cried While Watching Wonder Woman, Is Just Like Us



Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in the movie of the same name.

Remember that time in 2017 when you sat in a theater and wept profusely during Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman? Well, you weren’t alone. Brie Larson, who headlines the hotly anticipated Captain Marvel, was right there with you, crying as Diana of Themyscira kicked ass onscreen. In an interview with Marie Claire, Larson discussed the crying phenomenon that many women felt while watching Wonder Woman.

Larson said, “It’s so interesting, as it’s not something I thought about until I was in the cinema watching Wonder Woman. About two minutes in, I was sobbing and thought, ‘Why am I crying so much over this?’ But it was seeing all of these warrior women who were so self-sufficient. That wasn’t something I identified with growing up – my hero was Indiana Jones. To have the chance to be one example of this is powerful and exciting.”

Many think-pieces were written in the wake of Wonder Woman‘s release as more and more women revealed on social media that they cried during the movie. The Guardian‘s Jessica Valenti summed it up by writing, “When so many of us feel powerless, seeing the extraordinary power of one woman felt like a cathartic release. A reminder of what is possible, and of what our daughter – and ourselves – deserve.”

In the interview, Larson thoughtfully discusses her role as Carol Danvers, and what she hopes to achieve with her portrayal. Larson said, “One of the biggest qualities [of being a hero] is having an awareness outside of yourself, and understanding that the world doesn’t revolve around your needs. I think part of who I am, and part of who she [Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel] is too, is having the theory of mind to put yourself in other people’s shoes.”

She’s also excited about delivering a superheroine is complex and multi-faceted. “I lucked out in that Captain Marvel is super-flawed; she makes mistakes and has a temper. The fact that I’m not playing this idealised version of perfection makes me feel more comfortable about stepping into the role.”

A super-powerful but flawed and nuanced female heroine? Ugh, March 8th can’t come soon enough. You know we’ll be sitting front row at Captain Marvel, likely bawling our eyes out.

(via Marie Clare, image: Marvel)

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