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Brie Larson Recognizes Impact of Captain Marvel on Young Girls

"I’m really excited that there is a symbol of women. I think that that’s really important.”

Carol Capt Marvel Looking at Stars

Brie Larson has only been our official Captain Marvel for a few months now, but she’s already getting a crash course in the importance the character has for female fans–especially young ones.

Since her casting was first confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con this year, Larson has not only been hard at work doing some important research on the character by reading her comics–but she’s also frequently sharing photos of fans in Captain Marvel cosplay on her Twitter account, and her excitement is definitely inspiring:

Larson spoke about the impact of Captain Marvel in an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival when the conversation turned to her upcoming role. You can watch the short excerpt below, in which she talks about getting to see those fan photos and why we so desperately need more female superheroes for young girls to dress up as:

While there’s nothing wrong with little girls dressing up as Batman or Spider-Man, as Larson notes–and clearly there should be more of that all the time–the biggest takeaway is that young audiences need to see a broader ranger of comic book characters on-screen, whether male or female. That way, they have the freedom to dress up as whoever they want. With Captain Marvel officially moving forward, there’ll be even more characters for young audiences to pick from when designing their future cosplays. (In the meantime, there has to be a girl!Batman out there.)

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