Lady Featherington in 'Bridgerton'

Colin Finally Did the OTHER Thing Penelope Fans Have Been Waiting for All This Time

Throughout Bridgerton, we have seen poor Penelope overlooked, minimized, and degraded by her mother, Lady Featherington, and her two sisters. Now, with Colin Bridgerton by her side, she finally has someone to fight for her.

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Penelope did not conform to what was expected of a lady of the ton, and her family let her know it incessantly. Growing up, she has had no one to really support her. Her mother sees her as a burden, and her sisters delight in making jokes at her expense. This is something that, unfortunately, I am sure a fair few people can relate to, so what Colin does in season 3, episode 5, is cathartic, to say the least.

When you’re raised in such an environment, it can be difficult to raise your voice and fight for yourself. Though Penelope is smart, insightful, and strong, she has struggled to find her voice without the use of Lady Whistledown—that is, until Colin steps up for her. Having overheard Lady Featherington chastising her daughter, Colin immediately sweeps in to undercut her tirade, coming to his fiancée’s aid. He puts her in her place immediately, cutting her interruption off and stating,

Your daughter did not entrap me. I proposed to her out of love, nothing less. And were you not so narrowly concerned over your own standing you might see that Penelope is the most eligible amongst you. In the future, I advise you not to sully our Bridgerton name by suggesting otherwise.

Luke Newton as Colin Bridgerton in Season 3 episode 5.

We love supportive partners!

Yes, Colin! We’ve all been waiting for Colin to profess his love to Penelope, and we finally got it, but we also got so much more. He has seen how Penelope has been treated by her family over the years, and finally, he is in a position to do something about it. It’s not the first time Colin has put someone in their place, having done the same thing to the former Lord Featherington after uncovering his scheme. In a relationship, you would hope that your partner puts your and your welfare above all others, even family.

For Penelope, this act of support is huge. “You do not realize how much that meant to me,” she says in the next scene, “What you said to my mother. No one has stood up for me like that.” Oh, Penelope, our heart breaks for you. In this episode, Colin’s support of his fiancée is an excellent example of how to be there for your partner, or for anyone you love and care for, really. For many, the sexiest part of Bridgerton is not the sex scenes; it’s seeing examples of healthy relationships. Ooft, it gives me tingles all over.

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