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Ice Cream Parlor Serving $22 Breast Milk Ice Cream, Paying $24 for Breast Milk Donations


Pictured above is a $22 martini glass of breast milk ice cream, served by a Lady Gaga-inspired waitress. This is a real thing that is happening over in London at some wacky ice cream parlor, The Icecreamists. The dish is called “Baby Gaga,” which I guess vindicates the Lady Gaga waitress–or possibly the other way around; chicken, egg, Lady Gaga, mommy milk. The recipe blends Madagascan vanilla pods, lemon zest, and of course, the mom juice.

Not only does this exist, but the parlor is paying out $24 per ten ounces of breast milk women are willing to donate, seeing as how the parlor probably can’t start a human dairy farm to collect said milk. The donors simply have to go through a blood test in order to turn their lactations into a profitable venture. The first donor, 25-year-old Victoria Hiley, donated 30 fluid ounces, which nabbed her a cool $72, and allowed the parlor to make about 50 servings of the ice cream. So far, another 13 women have volunteered to donate (but considering the $24 payout, sell) their milk. So, as of now, at least, we don’t have to live in a world where breast milk ice cream doesn’t exist.

Thank god.

(The Icecreamists via Daily Mail via Gizmodo)

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