Fantastic Beasts to Span Five Movies, Plus More Details From the Global Fan Event

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Flash! (Or would it be Lumos Maxima?) Also potential spoilers!

Right now, our very own Charline Jao and Alec Bernal are attending one of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them fan events taking place worldwide. They’re back to watching footage, but they came to us briefly bearing news regarding Fantastic Beasts, including:

  • The Fantastic Beasts setting will expand to cover five movies, not just the one that many were expecting.
  • Grindelwald, one-time holder of the Elder Wand and Dumbledore dueler, will apparently have a larger role than expected.
  • We’ll get to visit even more wizarding capital cities.
  • Ezra Miller’s character will be wearing a Deathly Hallows necklace, a nice continuity touch.

We’ll update this post once we know more, as the event is seriously happening live right now! Stay tuned, and hang with us in the comments to chat about these exciting developments.


Charline: We got the news out, but here are a few notes from the interviews, as well as a Facebook Live where a few fans and I just gushed about the whole event.

  • This whole event would have probably been half as long if you replaced every mention of “No-Maj, which is the American term for Muggle” with just “Muggle.”
  • Rowling is apparently a horrible secret keeper, and all the actors are lying when they say they don’t know anything. Journalists, take note!
  • Eddie Redmayne turned super red a bunch of times and wants everyone to know that, yes, he does feel a lot of pressure taking on a role in the Harry Potter universe–especially when you ask him if he feels pressure taking on a role in the Harry Potter universe.
  • I think undercuts are a sign of evil in Fantastic Beasts? IDK don’t quote me on that.
  • Katherine Waterson revealed there’s a HUGE amount of detail that goes into the movie, they gave her several wand choices and even adjusted the weight.
  • Colin Farrell brought up wizard “segregation” a couple times and if you’ve been following our coverage you’ll know that I’m a little cautious about how they’re going to approach that in the United States when, y’know, real life non-magical segregation was a reality.
  • There’s a Quidditch joke in the first 10 minutes (which is a great opening) and a few other Harry Potter jokes that made me super excited. I can’t wait to see all the beasts!

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