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Cast of Peacock’s Brave New World Talked to Us About Why We Keep Returning to This Story

Alden Ehrenreich and Joseph Morgan in Brave New World

Brave New World is something I remember vividly from reading in high school. It was paired with Anthem by Ayn Rand, and I was assigned to do projects on Rand’s book when I wanted nothing more than to explore the world that Aldous Huxley created within the pages of Brave New World. And now, yet again, we’re returning to that world in 2020 with Peacock’s new show starring Alden Ehrenreich, Harry Lloyd, Jessica Brown Findlay, Kylie Bunbury, and more!

In talking with the cast in preparation for the July 15 release, many expressed excitement over bringing this world to life, and I have to agree. I was instantly infatuated with the story (despite knowing it from reading the novel) and wanted to follow these characters as they began to explore a life not completely dependent on the laws of New London or John the Savage escaping the world he’d known.

You can see our interviews with Jessica Brown Findlay, Harry Lloyd, Nina Sosanya, Sen Mitsuji, Hannah John-Kamen, and Joseph Morgan below!

Throughout my interviews, I asked everyone why they thought we continue to go back to the world of Aldous Huxley time and time again. While each cast member had wonderful takes on why we kept going back, I think that Jessica Brown Findlay hit the nail on the head. The world is evolving constantly and thrust into this digital age, and it is important to look at the cautionary tale that is Brave New World and see how we need to adapt.

“There’s so much, I guess, focused on technology in our world and there are advances that we immediately see in this world. But it’s sort of…I think the really interesting question is the technology of humans, our own wiring, and why it is we behave and think and desire and feel the way that we do. I guess, posing the question: How much can you unravel that? Through design and through a numbing and telling people they’re happy. And, you know, people are going to slip past that and question things and I think we’re always going to be fascinated in that because that’s how we function.”

Brave New World hits Peacock on the 15th, and it is truly a beautiful adaptation of one of my favorite novels. I cannot wait for more, and I hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I did!

(image: Steve Schofield/Peacock)

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