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Brandon Routh Will Be Superman Once More in Arrowverse Crossover. Superman Returns!

Actor Brandon Routh, who played Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman in the … well-meaning, but kind of bad Superman Returns, will get to play Superman again in an upcoming Arrowverse crossover, and honestly, I’m excited as heck to see it.

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Deadline is saying that the producers of the Arrowverse are going to give us two different Supermen in two different timelines, with Routh playing one version, and Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin, who has been portraying the character on Supergirl, continuing the role in another timeline. Currently, Routh plays Ray Palmer/The Atom on DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, a character he first introduced on Arrow.

Routh played Superman in the 2006 Bryan Singer-directed feature Superman Returns, and he was cast because he bore a striking resemblance to the Christopher Reeve. While Routh was genuinely good in the film, the movie itself just didn’t impress anyone. The script was clunky, the characterization was a mess, and it made Superman kind of a dead-beat dad. It was weird.

Critics did like it at the time, but as a fan, I remember seeing it and feeling completely bored by it.

Yet, when I looked at Routh, I did genuinely see Superman onscreen, and I wished we could have seen more of him in the role. Well, wishes come true! Routh has absolutely been great as Ray Palmer, and I felt he was fun in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (which has half the MCU/DC roster in it)—and, of course, his role in the “What a Girl Wants” music video. I’m glad to see him back as Clark/Supes, and fans are too, on Twitter:

I think the most endearing thing about it is Routh’s reaction. He’s genuinely excited, and that is so pure and beautiful. Superman is one of our most amazing heroes, and I think Routh has always embodied his essence, so I’m really really glad that the Arrowverse is going to make this happen.

However, as our own Kaila Hale-Stern said, WHERE’S TOM WELLING? I mean, he’s got to show up eventually! Until then, Superman Returns!

The upcoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” Arrowverse mega-crossover is a five-episode epic, with three episodes airing in December, and the two final installments debuting in January. Get the popcorn ready.

(via Deadline, image: Sony Pictures/Warner Bros)

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