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Why Boyd Holbrook’s ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Teases Are So Exciting to Me

indiana jones 5 what we know

The fifth Indiana Jones movie is something that feels like a dream come true in the sense that I just assumed I’d never get another Indiana Jones movie with Harrison Ford—not that it’s his fault. The man is in his 80s. I just thought that I would live my days with the four movies we already had and that’d be fine. Luckily, James Mangold is bringing us a fifth film for Henry Ford Jr., and we’re getting to see a brand new cast join Indy in his adventure—which brings us to Narcos star Boyd Holbrook.

Holbrook, who recently starred as the Corinthian in Netflix’s The Sandman, did an interview where he talked about the upcoming Indy film and what to expect from it. “You know, just look at his work: Ford v Ferrari, it’s gonna be fast, it’s gonna be badass, and it’s gonna have heart. All of his films have this emotional beat in them, but we’ve got this grand scale of Indiana Jones,” Holbrook told Men’s Health.

Badass here being an operative word. It’s not that Indiana Jones as a character isn’t badass. It’s just that these movies are a mix of Indy being sassy, history, an action/adventure all rolled into one, and so using badass as an adjective is doing a lot of work for me because I was just assuming this was going to be either an older Indy tale where it wasn’t as action-packed as the previous films, or it wouldn’t have too much of Indy himself doing the action.

The fifth installment in the Indiana Jones franchise is exciting because it gives us the chance to end the series on a high note. There’s no indication whether or not this will, in fact, be the end for Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, but assuming that it’s the last time we’ll see him don Indy’s famed hat and whip, I hope that all the praise for it from the cast and crew is true. It’s what this franchise actually deserves.

Bringing Indy back to me

I know that I’m in the minority when I say that my favorite Indy movie is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but I love it, and while I recognize that Raiders of the Lost Ark is a nearly perfect movie, I just love how fun Last Crusade is. Sure, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull had fun moments, but bringing Indiana Jones back for another go feels like some wonderful gift to those of us who have been fans of this franchise.

So while we do not know whether or not this will actually be the end for Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, I hope that this is a better sendoff (in case) than Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was. I might be alone in my excitement for Indiana Jones 5, but if Boyd Holbrook says it’s badass, then I am fully on board with it. And come on, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Harrison Ford? My own personal dream!

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