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#BoycottTampax Is Peak Internet Nonsense

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So you might see #BoycottTampax trending, and it is trending for two reasons: people can’t take a joke, and TERFs. It started because TAMPAX is sponsoring trans creators Dylan Mulvaney and Jeffrey Marsh, which is frankly a really cool move by the company, because trans women, trans men, and non-binary people are, frequently, left out of the conversation about periods. Mulvaney and Marsh being sponsored by the company, as a trans woman and a non-binary creative with large platforms? That’s pretty f**king cool!

The next thing people are mad over is … a joke—mainly one that, as the social media manager here at The Mary Sue, comes from a frustrated social media manager finally snapping back at those who keep making comments on what they chose to do and tweet, and I have to respect it.

Point is, the anger that is currently being aimed at TAMPAX is gross and nonsense wrapped up in one bit of “outrage” because frankly the people who are angry are mainly those who complain about “snowflakes” anyway. But let’s break down both these anger-fueled responses to my favorite tampon brand.

Some people can’t handle a funny joke

The joke is good. Honestly wish I thought of it. The official account tweeted, “You’re in their DMs. We’re in them. We are not the same,” which is a typical meme format that just really works when you’re a tampon brand. Because … well, tampons do go inside vaginas, so!

What it did was usher in nonsense from people who equated a simple joke to creepy men (not the same, trust me) and saying that “women’s” bodies are not a joke and equating it to men’s choice to rape women?

First of all, not only women have periods. Second, it’s not that serious. It’s a joke that is meant to get the brand recognition online and compete in an online space and honestly is a funny bit. But for people who love to call everyone else snowflakes, you’d think they wouldn’t get mad at a tampon joke, and yet, here we are.

The TERFs are out

The second thing TERFs are angry about is TAMPAX’s decision to sponsor both Dylan Mulvaney and Jeffrey Marsh. Mulvaney gained fame when she would go onto TikTok and share her joy in being able to express herself as a girl, and Marsh has made a name for themselves with viral TikToks and Vines, as well. Point is, they’re both great, and it’s a huge move for the company to sponsor them.

It did usher in transphobes angry that a trans woman and a non-binary creator were being recognized by a tampon brand because that would require TERFs to recognize that not only cisgender women have periods.

So basically what this hashtag boils down to is people getting mad for the most ridiculous of reasons and actually TAMPAX is doing a good thing for a brand, and now I will proudly continue to use TAMPAX products.

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