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Whether You’re a Tina, Louise, or Linda, Bob’s Burgers Fans Will Love These Female Artist-Made Leggings

Loot Wear is collaborating with female artists for a new line of clothing specifically for geek ladies (though, of course, anyone can rock some colorful leggings). Female artists will curate and design the Loot for Her line, bringing us “unique apparel designed by talented women in the field.”

Starting this month with a Bob’s Burgers collection to match Loot Crate’s July animation theme, the new line hopes to “[highlight] the work of independent women artists through fashion.” Geeky fashion is always a lot of fun, and it’s even better when the clothing supports women in the industry, the mindset behind the program which is named “For Her, By Her”.

We got to see and try on the three pairs of leggings, designed by Jen Bartel (Jem and the Holograms), Alex Strangler, and Bamboota (aka Crystal Fontan). Bartel designed the Linda pair, Strangler the Tina one, and Bamboota the Louise pair. Here’s a close-up of all the patterns.

Yes, those are butts in Tina’s design in heart shapes set to a horse background. Yes, Louise’s includes memorable quotes like “I smell fear on you,” “I wanna slap his hideous, beautiful face!” and, of course “Somebody kiss my butt!” You can think of it as a fun alternative to those sweatpants with something like “CUTIE” written on the butt. (Editorial note: this might be the most I’ve ever used “butt” in an article.) And yes, Linda is riding a winged tiger with wine glass in hand. Goals, am I right?

Bartel and Strangler also have interview up on the Loot Crate site, where they talk about their love of Bob’s Burgers and styles. Strangler, a popular-culture tattoo artist, says she can relate to Tina a lot. “She’s weird, anxious, terrible at making decisions (ughhhhhhhh) and she loves BUTTS!” Same.

Bartel, who calls herself an “Evil Lisa Frank” and loves Linda for her honestly and unapologetic sincerity, writes:

“Girls are taught from a young age that they should make room for boys to exist, but boys are seldom taught to make room for girls — in most industries there are not as many opportunities for women. Take every opportunity that is afforded to you. Never apologize for your successes. Don’t shrink yourself down to make others feel more comfortable.”

I always have to size up with Loot Wear, so if you decide to subscribe definitely consult the sizing charts. The leggings are nice and comfortable, and thick enough that wearing them didn’t distort the pattern for me. That’s always good news, because I would’ve been pretty sad if my calf somehow turned Linda’s face into some kind of twisted monstrosity.

If these leggings and other geeky clothing by geeky women seems like something you’d enjoy, you can check out Loot for Her here.

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