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Boba Fett Movie Is Dead Long Live The Mandalorian

Boba Fett takes aim in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Fanboys please remove your helmets as we return to the well of Star Wars spin-off movie ideas the stand-alone Boba Fett film. According to film journalist Erick Weber, he learned from Kathleen Kennedy herself that instead of a Boba Fett movie, all the SW resources will be going into The Mandalorian.

For me, my main interest in getting a Boba Fett movie was for it to be a vehicle for the fan-favorite character to be played by a Polynesian actor in keeping with how the character was shown to be in the prequels, preferably as directed by (and/or starring) the beautiful Taika Waitit. Beyond that, I can’t say I felt strong about a Boba Fett movie, especially after Solo. Television seems like a much better medium for the character to exist and be explored further.

The Mandalorian, from the title, will be based around the race of bounty hunters that Fett is descended from (even though he’s a clone). The term “Mandalorian” does not appear in the original films, but due to Fett’s popularity, it slowly became a part of the Star Wars mythos. Mandalore is the fictional home planet of the Mandalorian people, and it is, you guessed it, mostly basic ass desert. According to CBR, the series is being created by Iron Man director Jon Favreau and will take place after the fall of the Empire.

Favreau is also the executive producer and scriptwriter on the project. Dave Filoni will direct the first episode of the show, with future episodes directed by Deborah Chow, Rick Famuyiwa, Bryce Dallas Howard, and, of course, the excellent Taika Waititi.

The response to this news has been mixed, with some people happy about the news because it never seemed like a good idea, and others seeing this as yet another example of Kennedy ruining Star Wars:

What do you think—are you more excited for The Mandalorian, or are you still longing for a Boba Fett movie?

(via CBR, image: Lucasfilm/Disney)

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