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This Contest-Winning Boba Fett Hair Dye Makes “Helmet Hair” Look Good


Instagram user Anya Goy secured first place in a Star Wars-themed hairstyle contest organized by fellow Instagrammer LollypopLocks. The winning entry uses a very precise application of hair dye, designed to mimic the colors and design of Boba Fett’s helmet. This particular hairstyle looks harder to see through than Boba Fett’s helmet, but it definitely looks impressive.

Anya Goy is a trained hair stylist who has written the book (literally) on how to dye your hair in rainbow colors. It’s no wonder that her captivating skills would steal the first prize in a contest!

Several of the other entries, which can be found via the Instagram tag StarWarsPopLocks, look incredible as well, but the Boba Fett selection is a real stand-out.

A lot of the entries keep it simple by matching a hair color to a lightsaber or just doing some of Leia’s classic hairstyles—so many hair buns and braids! There are also some examples of shaved-in detailing, like this BB-8, and this Storm Trooper silhouette (plus Leia buns, of course). Oh, and then there’s also this Death Star style.

Here’s my own favorite, which I hope got a runner-up award (although I don’t think the contest had runners-up at all): this R2-D2 hairdo. SO CUTE.

(via Laughing Squid, images via Instagram and Imgur)

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