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Blade Runner Sequel Gets Straightforward Title & Even More Straightforward “Behind the Scenes” Photo

You already know the joke I'm going to make in here.


For a while, I didn’t believe that the Blade Runner sequel was happening. Whether it was selective hearing or straight up denial on my part, I just didn’t process the fact that this was apparently a foregone conclusion quite a while ago. Now, though, since we’re essentially one year out from the film’s premiere (are you kidding me), we can expect to see some news piling in real soon.

Take, for example, this confirmation that the sequel will be titled Blade Runner 2049, which, well … it’s alright, I guess? I mean, it’s a title, right?


If the original is set in 2019 (which it is), then this title implies that the movie takes place 30 years after that. Which is fine. I’m not really sure what I was expecting, to be completely honest. It’s not like they’re going to completely give away or even hint at the plot with the title, right? I mean, what movie does that?

Along with this bit of news comes an interesting behind-the-scenes photo, which, well… it’s alright, too, I suppose? Man.

For the record, I didn’t just say “man” up there like an exasperated sigh. I also meant it as, “Man, there are a lot of mans in this photo. Mans mansing manly.” Like, okay. I get that it’s pretty neat to see a kind of bridging of generations here. It’s a pretty solid melding of worlds, quite frankly, because here you’ve got Harrison Ford aka Han “Dead Space Dad” Solo meeting up with Ryan “Drivey McNotebook” Gosling to chat about the movie (I think) with director Denis Villeneuve and producer Ridley “SciFi” Scott.

What feels strange about the photo is that they’re all just casually standing at what looks like someone’s home bar, like someone threw a barbecue party and these three went inside for a drink only to have a Godfather 2-type of meeting to discuss the future of sci-fi movies. It’s the most casual thing in the world, you know?


If this sounds like I’m being particularly harsh, I don’t mean to. It’s just that with the juxtaposition of the striking title treatment next to the almost L. L. Bean catalogue-like photo of the film’s stars seems so anticlimactic, I suppose. But that photo is just one moment like other moments lost in time, like tears in the rain.

(You saw that joke coming, don’t even lie.)

(via io9)

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