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If Rachel Weisz and David Harbour Are Really in Black Widow, We’ll Die Happy

Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame

Black Widow is splitting off from the Avengers for a standalone film, a fact we’ve now known for a little while, but with this news comes casting announcements, and with each new reveal comes the knowledge that we’re going to go to the theater to see this film and thirst over Rachel Weisz and WHATEVER, MARVEL.

Sorry, did I bury the lede on that? Marvel is actually hitting below the belt now, in talks with Rachel Weisz to add her into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The love of all our collective lives is possibly going to be in a Marvel movie, and if she’s not in a Hydra catsuit, I will revolt! The news came when Variety announced that Weisz and David Harbour are circling in on roles in the Black Widow film.

Great, now Marvel has continued to dig its grubby little claws into me, and this isn’t fair! Not only has Marvel announced a standalone film for Natasha Romanoff, who has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2010, but now they’re giving us all these wonderfully sexy stars we love and admire, too? If you put Bucky Barnes in this movie, I may have to give you my first born child. I don’t know what the rules are on that.

We met Natasha for the first time in Iron Man 2, and now, 9 years later, there is finally production happening on her own film. Nine years, so yes, I’m very bitter about it, but still, this news is great if it pans out. Weisz is going to break so many of us, and we’re going to love it.

Twitter, of course, had a thirst-filled meltdown over the news because look, who isn’t in love with Rachel Weisz? She has a noticeable effect on everyone’s Kinsey scale.

Whatever, Marvel. Fine. I’m going to see this Black Widow movie that should have been made at least 5 years ago, and I’ll love it, and you’ll continue to own my soul, but I’m not going to be happy about it.

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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