YouTube thumbnail for the trailer for "Metalhead," an episode in Season Four of Black Mirror

Netflix’s 13 Days of Black Mirror Give Us Plenty of New Trailers, But Still No Release Date

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We’ve got yet another trailer for this season of Black Mirror, this time for a black-and-white episode titled “Metalhead.” In the trailer, Maxine Peake plays a woman who’s being tracked by some sort of artificially enhanced dog. Is it robotic? Biologically engineered? Those dog-based monsters from Boston Dynamics? Unclear.

Previously, we saw a trailer for “Hang the DJ,” which stars Georgina Campbell and Joe Cole as two singles using a futuristic dating app to determine what their “expire date” is. Though we hear assurances that the app “really works,” there’s no doubt that this will take a Black Mirror turn.

We’ve also had a trailer for “Black Museum,” starring Black Panther‘s Letitia Wright as a woman who finds herself in a creepy museum of “authentic criminological artifacts.” The owner tells her, “If it did something bad, chances are it’s in here.” He also teases something terrifying called the “main attraction,” but they’re saving that reveal for the episode itself.

And before that, also had a trailer for “Crocodile,” which stars Kiran Sonia Sawar in a world where machines can replay a individual’s memories. However, she reminds us: “Memories can be subjective. They may not be totally accurate, and they’re often emotional.”

And before that, there was the trailer for “Arkangel,” about an experimental implant for children.

Come on, Black Mirror! Stop teasing and tell us when we can watch this thing!

Now, we do know that all these trailer releases are part of Netflix’s “13 Days of Black Mirror,” which launched on November 24 with the “Arkangel” trailer. They’ve teased a big surprise for the 13th day (Wednesday, December 6), which may mean that the release date will be revealed, or it may mean that they’ll drop all the episodes that day as a big surprise. Who knows?

(Via io9 and The Hollywood Reporter; featured image via YouTube thumbnail)

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