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The CW’s Black Lightning Preview Just Lit Up Our Day

The week of TV upfronts has also been the week when world-shaking news breaks every day around 6PM, which has proven pretty helpful thus far in giving us nice things to distract ourselves with as the world goes nuts. Today, that means we get to enjoy The CW’s preview for their upcoming Black Lightning addition to their DC TV lineup, and it’s exactly what we needed to brighten our day.

We really enjoyed this trailer, so we can only assume today’s news will be extra bad to balance things out. Brace yourselves. (Kidding. Maybe.)

While we’re excited about how it’s shaping up, the show itself doesn’t necessarily have a light tone, judging by the trailer released after CW’s presentation today. If it’s even got a different feel from the other Arrowverse, shows, that’s not exactly an accident, as it’s not planned to be part of that universe—at least not yet. Supergirl originally wasn’t, either, and still takes place in a separate in-universe … universe, outside of crossovers, so anything’s possible in the future. For now, though, the focus is on Black Lightning as its own, separate thing.

It looks like the show has plenty of material to mine on its own, with Jefferson Pierce returning to the world of superheroics after some time off, and his family seemingly getting in on the action. There’s a tease in the trailer of at least one of his daughters having powers—as both Anissa and Jennifer Pierce do in the comic world as “Thunder” and “Lightning”—and family was the reason he gave up his heroic ways in the first place, which should all provide some fresh superhero relationship dynamics for TV.

We can’t wait to spend even more of our time watching DC’s heroes battle it out on the CW when Black Lightning premieres in the fall.

(image: The CW)

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