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No One Can Make Sense of This Bizarre Papa John Interview or the “Reckoning” He Promises

Papa John

If you’ve been on Twitter, you’re probably wondering why Papa John is trending. When former pizza CEO John Schnatter was pushed out for his controversial opinions on the NFL and his usage of the N-word, we thought that’d be the end of the man who said, “Better ingredients, better pizza. Papa John’s,” for all those years.

Luckily for us all, he did a bizarre interview that left us questioning so much about Schnatter, but more importantly, I want to know why he just chooses to wear red button-ups even if they don’t say “Papa John’s” on them.

The video went viral for who bunch of reasons, one being that Schnatter said that the “reckoning was coming” and that he hated the new CEO of Papa John’s. Oh, I guess also his wild amount of pizza intake is also probably suspect because in the last month, he says he’s eaten 40 pizzas. Does that mean full pizzas or just a slice?

With the video, though, everyone on Twitter tried to figure out what he meant.

Is the reckoning really coming? Is it just going to rain down a hellfire of just okay pizza? Because if anyone should be talking about the “quality” of pizza, it most definitely isn’t John Schnatter. Papa John’s is the kind of pizza you get when you just want some pizza and you’re extremely desperate.

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