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Liberal “Snowflakes” Stephen Colbert and Billy Eichner Ask New Yorkers About Their Bubble-Dwelling Ways

Ever since November’s election wound up in a huge disparity between the popular vote and Electoral College totals, we’ve heard a lot of talk about why the Electoral College is outdated, as well as arguments from the other side that the popular vote totals are unfairly inflated by “liberal coastal elites” and people who live in liberal “bubbles.” Billy Eichner and Stephen Colbert decided to interview some of those bubble dwellers.

Now the “real America” can hear from real bubble-dwellers! (Except I doubt anyone in the crowd that likes to consider themselves “real Americans” watches Billy on the Street.) As someone who lived very close to—and worked in—that bubble for years, I can relate to their first interviewees’ statements. I may have spent a few years in and around New York City, but I spent a good 75% of my life in “Trump country,” so the idea that liberals in cities are the ones in a bubble who don’t understand the lives and concerns of other people is way out of line with my personal experience.

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