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Bill Watterson’s College Comics

The all seeing eye of Reddit has found a great treasure: an online collection of a few of the comics that Bill Watterson drew for his college yearbook and paper (The Kenyon Collegian).

Our favorites after the jump:

The most striking thing about the selection is that you can already see the themes of Calvin & Hobbes in his work.

Like an aversion for the machine of education,

Bizarre and and ambitious but loud upstairs projects,

Why, it’s almost as if Calvin himself had matriculated.

It’s also fun to look at these characters and wonder which ones are Calvin’s parents.

And though these comics were made in the seventies, some of them are either very prescient or very timeless, perhaps both.

See the rest, including a whole lot of Watterson’s pre-C&H work here.

(via Reddit user Zoombini.)

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