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A New Clip for Bill & Ted Face the Music Pays Homage to George Carlin’s Rufus

George Carlin as Rufus in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Rufus was a character in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure that many of us loved, and it wasn’t just because he was brought to life by George Carlin. The time traveler who told William “Bill” S. Preston Esquire and Theodore “Ted” Logan of their brilliance in the future, Rufus was always a delight to see. He helped to guide Wyld Stallyns to their greatness and helped remind us all that God gave rock’n’roll to us.

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Unfortunately, in the long wait between Bogus Journey and Face the Music, the world lost George Carlin. There isn’t anyone who could replace Carlin (who died back in 2008), but in Face the Music, they’re honoring the legacy of both Carlin and Rufus in a new and exciting way: with Kristen Schaal as Rufus’s daughter.

In a new clip for the film, we get a look at who Schaal is actually playing: Kelly, Rufus’ daughter, who has lived her life wanting to meet Wyld Stallyns. I think it’s a great way of explaining what happened to Rufus and giving new life to his legacy.

In the grand scheme of Bill & Ted, Rufus is probably the most important character. He’s the one who came to tell both Bill and Ted of their legacy and helped to inspire them to achieve the greatness that has always been alluded to in the series. Clearly, in Face the Music, they still haven’t gotten there, but with Carlin’s death, they adjusted, and putting that legacy onto his daughter works.

I think this movie is going to be a lot about helping each other and family, and I’m honestly really excited about it. I still think that the song that unites the world is going to be written by Thea and Billie (Bill and Ted’s daughters), much like how Rufus’ job of bringing that song to the world was passed on to his daughter.

Bill & Ted Face the Music strangely fits in with 2020 in the sense that it feels like the kind of movie we all need right now. The message of William “Bill” S. Preston Esquire and Theodore “Ted” Logan has always been to be excellent to each other, and right now, with fighting about issues and people refusing to look out for their fellow human beings, it feels like the perfect kind of reminder.

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