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Our Friend Bill Nye Wants to Send You Awesome Presents through the Mail with Quarterly Co.

Aw, Bill! You shouldn't have.

bill nye

Quarterly Co. is a subscription service that allows you to receive curated packages from your favorite notable people, like Veronica Belmont, Pharrell Williams, and Tim Ferriss. Today they’ve announced that they’ll be teaming up with a new celebrity contributor, and it’s none other than our very favorite Science Guy himself.

While the celebrities who curate these gift packages are allowed to choose whatever they want (Veronica Belmont, for example, deliberately avoids sending out tech goodies and instead shares her favorite local food items), Bill has chosen to focus on products that will “change the world and raise awareness of environmental issues,” according to the official press release.

“A great many environmental problems are before us,” Nye said in a statement. “To solve them we’ll use science. It’s how we understand the world. Since the longest journey starts with but a single step, I hope my mailings will give our subscribers some scientific insight and some cool tools to do a little bit more with a little bit less. I’m talking about items and ideas to change the world.”

At $50 per package, the service is definitely only for people who’ve got extra cash lying around to spend on something fun. True to Quarterly Co.’s name, they ship our every three months with a subscription — and it doesn’t seem like there’s any way to buy packages after you’ve missed them. However, you can also track each package as it comes out with a unique Twitter hashtag. So once you open it up and see all the cool stuff Bill’s chosen to get you, it’s easy to gush about it with everybody else who’s gotten it too.

Bill’s first package is set to ship out next month. You can subscribe to receive it here.

(via Quarterly Co., image via Newseum)

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