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Bi Visibility: A Bisexual Comic Book Anthology Throws a Pink, Purple, and Blue Cake in the Face of Bi-Erasure

No I will NOT be turning in my bi card now that I'm married, thanks
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On Monday, August 30th, bisexual journalist and comic book writer Kat Calamia will be launching a Kickstarter for her upcoming anthology Bi Visibility: A Bisexual Comic Book Anthology. Calamia, known for her queer Webtoon Slice of Life and other releases such as Like Father, Like Daughter, and The Dancer will be working with 20 different creators to explore bisexuality via multiple genres of storytelling.

The anthology will feature nine different stories, each one addressing topics like bi-erasure, not feeling queer enough for the community, and the importance of exploration when it comes to learning how to embrace who you are.

Bi Visibility panel

I got the chance to read an advanced copy of this anthology and PHEW, let me tell you how it pretty much summarized my bisexual journey via secret organizations coming to collect your “bi card” (among other stories in the collection).

As a bisexual woman who is married to another woman, I feel like this entire anthology has somehow managed to find an old VHS tape of my many attempts at making sense of my identity. I remember thinking I was straight because I had a boyfriend, then thinking I was a lesbian because I had a girlfriend, and coming to terms with my bisexuality (which, back in the day, was labeled as “confused”—arguably, it still kinda is). I also remember the many, many “wait, aren’t you a lesbian, you’re with a woman” takes that would occur whenever I pointed to the pink, purple, and blue flag.

Many of these stories touch on that subject in different ways.

Bi Visibility panel

Some of them are painful, like having to figure out if it’s worth telling your aging grandmother with dementia that you’re bisexual (note: I actually had this exact scenario happen in my life).

Others are a lot more fun, like being told to turn in a literal “bi card” at the alter because, surely, you don’t need it anymore now that you’re in a relationship, right? Hilariously, saying “no” leads to an entire organization coming to collect that card in the middle of a whole ass wedding ceremony.

Bi Visibility panel

Honestly? It really do feel like that sometimes.

Bisexuality often gets treated like a fork in the relationship road, meant to be a pit stop before you pick your “actual” identity. I greatly appreciate the range that comes from the creators of this anthology, especially since, at the end of the day, the conclusion is that you’re still bi and valid af. 

Below is a list of the stories included in the anthology along with the creators telling the stories.

Will I Regret It?

Synopsis: Emma wants to come out to her grandmother with dementia, but her mother protests.

Genre: Drama

Writer: Kat Calamia 

Artist: Dominic Bustamante (For Better or Worse)


The Bi Card

Synopsis: After refusing to turn in her Bi Card, a defiant bride and her partner must face the Bi Authority when two agents crash their wedding.

Genre: Action/Spy

Writer: Haley Rose-Lyon (M.O.M.: Mother of Madness)

Artist: Eileen Widjaja


I Wish

Synopsis: Jenna and Jamie have been best friends their entire lives. But when Jenna’s feelings grow into something more, she must decide if she should risk losing it all for a chance at true love.

Genre: Romance

Writer: Julius Dulinayan

Artist: Maru Davalos


Gay Panic

Synopsis: An instructional PSA detailing the do’s and don’ts of broaching your partner’s bisexuality and what to do when the Gay Panic™️ sets in.

Genre: PSA

Writer: Wells Thompson (Descent into Dread, MechaTon)

Artist: Ile Gonzalez (DC Comics’ Super Sons Graphic Novel) 



Synopsis: Following a break-up, game night and a good friend lead Mark to a truth about himself.

Genre: Fantasy 

Writer: Jimmy Gaspero (Comic Book Yeti)

Artist: Beck Kubrick (Lonely Wolf, Coby, Alone)



Synopsis: An autobiography about Kay’s journey with her bisexuality.

Genre: Autobiography

Creator: Kay Rose (The Day It Rained Iguanas, The Day That Froze The Sea Turtles)


The Big, Little Things

Synopsis: A girl figures out that coming out can feel big and small all at the same time.

Genre: Slice of Life

Writer: Tiffany Babb (PanelxPanel, Paste Magazine)

Artist: Megan Huang (Jia and the Nian Monster, Princeless, Aggretsuko, Rangers of the Divide)


The Most Unusual Trajectory

Synopsis: Established in her late 20’s, Laura thinks she has her life all figured out — she’s even found the perfect guy. But an unexpected new friend and a bisexual awakening will prove that you can never plan for where you find love.

Genre: Slice of Life

Writer: Andrea Tower (Geek Girls Don’t Cry, Octobriana With Love)

Artist: Elaine Tipping (Pathways: Chronicles of Tuvana, Scout Comics’ Princess Revolution)


My Voice

Synopsis: News reporter, Bea, is covering a protest for the rights of people straddling the line between alien and human, and she is torn between doing her job or siding with the marginalized group to which she secretly belongs.

Genre: Political, Sci-Fi

Writer: Christie Porter

Penciller: Philip Sevy (Triage, Tomb Raider)

Colorist: Sarah Stern (Zodiac Starforce, Goldie Vance, Pumpkinheads)

The Kickstarter will begin on Monday, August 30th, which you can check out right over here.

Bi Visibility panel

(image: Melissa Capriglione)

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