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KEKEKEKEKE: 7 Epic Zerg Rushes

StarCraft 2 dropships, hatches, spawns, or ports in at midnight tonight, and although our Power Grid won’t go up until Thursday, we’d like to pay tribute to one of the longest lived popular games in history with a little collection of our favorite Zerg rush videos.

Ah, zerg… a noun, and a very very dangerous verb.

1. First, the zerg rush in its pure form, straight from some dude’s webcam that’s pointed at his screen.

2. But you can only get so much fun while actually obeying the coded limitations of the game.

3. This isn’t live play, it’s just Blizzard’s first gameplay trailer for the Zerg in SC2, the first time they gave us a taste of what the disgusting bugs would be capable of.

4. Of course, there were some bugs in the beta.

5. And it’s still sometimes more fun to do sneaky things in order to get a truly epic rush.

6. This video is almost certainly fake, but also very amusing.

7. I word to those who would zerg rush Terrans: their buildings can fly.  Problem? And no, we don’t know what’s up with the music either.

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