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Best Viral Marketing for a Movie I Have No Desire to See Ever: The Last Exorcist Chatroulette Prank

Here’s the thing about viral marketing; sure it raises awareness but, for some reason, the good examples always make me respect the marketing team more than the product they’re shilling. So, while this video of a bunch of horny guys getting the crap scared out of them by a hot girl/CG monster on Chatroulette may be the funniest thing I’ve seen all week, it’s still not gonna get me to see another flick about Satan making young girls’ necks move weird.

But, like I said, this video is awesome and you should all check it out. And I’m sure it’s bound to make people already psyched for the movie even more excited so I guess that’s good. And I’m definitely emailing this video to all of my friends as we speak so I suppose the marketing team did their job. But…well, I still haven’t bought the new Ozzy Osbourne album, have I?

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