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The Whole Internet Is Making Memes About a Ruined World Tour and We Are Loving It

Welcome to the latest social media trend.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, June 18, popstar Justin Timberlake was arrested on suspicion of intoxicated driving after he was pulled over in the Hamptons area and failed field sobriety tests—while managing to kick off the internet’s latest meme.

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He was arraigned and released without bail some nine hours after his arrest, pleaded not guilty, and was ordered to appear in court on July 26. Up until now, it doesn’t sound like a story that would spark the latest uber-viral meme to take over social media—not even when taking into consideration the fame of the person involved. But that’s because you haven’t heard the details of the arrest yet.

Not only did was the officer making the arrest allegedly too young to even recognize who the person he was arresting was, but it seems like Timberlake also muttered under his breath that “this is going to ruin the world tour”—referring to his ongoing The Forget Tomorrow World Tour.

Such an iconic and out-of-the-box sentence couldn’t simply pass through the internet without leaving a massive trail behind, and that’s how the “this is going to ruin the world tour” meme was born. Every iteration is predictably hilarious, and I have been collecting them all nonstop, so enjoy a selection of twenty of the best ones.

Starting with what could very well be the world tour in question:

Then a reminder that we’ve finally entered House of the Dragon season, with something that I’m sure Alicent must have thought at least once in her life:

And a couple more from the ASOIAF fandom:

Both featuring the Baratheon brothers, actually:

And another one, which to be honest is just all kinds of genius:

To be fair, I’d say the Lisan al-Gaib world tour remains well underway:

And eventually, the Baron’s world tour was indeed ruined:

From one Zendaya role to the next:

This world tour wasn’t ruined—let’s say put on hold before being picked up again with a new stylish look:

This is for everyone who screamed cried shook when they announced the new Hunger Games novel and movie—me included:

Nicholas Galitzine you absolute lord of memes:

To be fair, Eren would probably call his own particular brand of world tour a success:

And then, of course, some Star Wars:

How about reversing the roles?

What’s better than a meme? Two memes mashed together:

Riverdale coming in hot:

And of course, Bridgerton as well:

This is absolutely not funny delete this immediately:

To be honest, the world tour was indeed ruined, I say wiping away tears:

Rounding this list up with probably the best one of the bunch:

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