Cuddly monster Totoro celebrates in the moonlight with their babies and two little human girls in "My Neighbor Totoro"
(Studio Ghibli)

Best Studio Ghibli Merch for 2024 To Cure Your Depression

Just because Studio Ghibli’s creator Hayao Miyazaki is depressed and irascible doesn’t mean that you have to be! Perhaps these whimsical merch items can help shake your blues away! Or at least make it manageable …?

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My Neighbor Totoro Mug

A "My Neighbor Totoro" mug
(Studio Ghibli)

You know what never fails to cheer people up? A warm bevvy! Coffee, tea, booze, you can put whatever your sad little heart desires in this My Neighbor Totoro Mug! Look at how adorable it is! It’s impossible to look at Totoro’s face without feeling at least a glimmer of sunshine pierce the dark clouds in your heart. The most lovable of all Studio Ghibli characters has that effect on people. Howl and his hotness are a close second.

No Face Lamp

A lamp featuring an adorable No Face from "Spirited Away" sitting on a log
(Studio Ghibli)

It is literally impossible to be sad looking at this whimsical No Face Lamp. Look his happy little face! Just sitting there on a log, content to while away the hours like the blissfully ignorant little spirit guy he is! And look! He’s even got adorable little pet in his hands! Or maybe it’s his friend. Or father in law. It’s hard to say exactly when you’re dealing with the spirit world, but surely this lamp will illuminate your dark spirits.

Light Up Princess Mononoke Tree Guys

Glow in the dark tree spirits from "Princess Mononoke"
(Studio Ghibli)

Okay LOOK at these little glow in the dark tree guys from Princess Mononoke. Aren’t they just the most whimsical thing that you’ve ever seen? Their grinning little face will keep on grinning in both darkness and light! Even when you don’t feel like getting out of bed, curtains drawn, still these little guys will be a shining and smiling. That’s their full time spiritual job. They are professionals. They all have LCSW certification.

Calcifer Blanket

A blanket with Calicfer from "Howl's Moving Castle"'s face on it on a sofa
(Studio Ghibli)

This Calcifer blanket is sure to warm your chilly little heart, burning it like Howl’s bacon. Is it the kind of day to stay inside and curl up with a movie? The implacable little Calcifer will be there. Who knew that demons could be so kind hearted? So warm and fuzzy? No wonder Howl has kept this one around for so long.

Kiki’s Delivery Service Necklace

A necklace with the black cat from "Kiki's Delivery Service"
(Studio Ghibli)

It’s a fact that getting dressed up will elevate your mode, and this Kiki’s Delivery Service necklace is the perfect accessory for any outfit. And look, this poor little hanging black cat is just like one of those cheesy but still kinda adorable “hang in there” kitten posters. It’s almost like he knows you’re having a bad day, and he wants you to know it’s normal. Even witch’s black cats get down sometimes too.

Studio Ghibli Backpack pins

Studio Ghibli backpack pins picturing Ghibli characters
(Studio Ghibli)

Who says that these Studio Ghibli backpack pins need to go on a backpack? You could pin them through any surface! Stick them on your shirt! On your travel bag! On your curtains! Hell, stick the pointy end through the hole in one of your pierced ears and rock it as an earring! And just look at these little characters to choose from! The goofy Scarecrow, the charismatic dragon, the adorable little soot balls, and lil Calcifer makes a return!

Porco Rosso Coin Purse 

A coin purse with Porco Rosso's face on it
(Studio Ghibli)

This Porco Rosso Coin Purse is the peak of comedy. Literally impossible not to crack a smile looking at this thing. Imagine keeping all of your hard earned cash in this guy. Showing up to important meetings, pulling a business card out of it. Robbing a bank. Bribing government officials. Anything and everything gets a whimsical little spin, including crime!

Princess Mononoke Journal

A journal with San's face on it from "Princess Mononoke"
(Studio Ghibli)

Journaling your thoughts and feelings is proven to make you feel better, and this Princess Mononoke journal is the perfect little book in which to do it! And when you feel like you don’t have a strength, take a page out the steely eyed San’s book (literally) and draw courage from Princess Mononoke herself.

Calcifer Frying Pan

A frying pan with Calcifer's face from "Howl's Moving Castle"
(Studio Ghibli)

Feeling down? Cook yourself a meal in the Calcifer Frying Pan. How could you not crack a grin when you’re cracking an egg on this little fire demon’s flaming hot face? Your kitchen can become Howl’s moving castle’s kitchen with this little addition! If only it was able to eat your leftovers like the real Calcifer. But then again, it’s probably better not to have a literal demon in your house, just one on a frying pan.

Howl’s Drip

Howl's jewelry from "Howl's Moving Castle"
(Studio Ghibli)

Remember how dressing up can boost your mood? It is literally impossible not to feel fly when rocking Howl’s drip. His necklace, his earrings, his rings. The whole package can be yours! Now all you need is a flowing white shirt and bam, totally decked out.

Cat Bus Puzzle

A 3D puzzle of the Cat Bus from "My Neighbor Totoro"
(Studio Ghibli)

Sometimes a list hobby can be a mood booster. A project, ya know? That project could very well be this 3D Cat Bus Puzzle! When only the regular, boring city buses are rolling down the street, retreat to a magical lil My Neighbor Totoro fantasy world where large, hollow mammals provide the means of transportation. Perhaps you’re feeling like a large, hollow mammal right now? Not for long! When this cat bus is built, it’s sure to take your mind out of the mundane and into the magic, at least for a little while.

Totoro Keychain

A keychain featuring Totoro from "My Neighbor Totoro"
(Studio Ghibli)

Sometimes joy is about the little things. It doesn’t get much littler or more joyful than this adorable Totoro Keychain! This key chain is flocked, which means that it’s covered in tiny little fibers that will make it feel just like the real Totoro! Sometimes it just feels good to rub your fingers on a fuzzy surface. And look at li’l Totoro’s face: not a thought behind those eyes. Just good vibes all around.

No Face Plush

A plush of No Face from "Spirited Away"
(Studio Ghibli)

Never did I ever think that No Face, people eating monster from Spirited Away could by huggable, but boy was I wrong. This No Face Plush is totally squishable. How could anyone not wanna squeeze that smiling face. Don’t get me wrong, No Face still looks totally creepy. But that’s part of the charm. Perhaps his spooky little mug is enough to spirit your blues away. I think it just might be.

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