The Christmas Fifi Fox Squishmallow, Cam the cat pillow, Leonard the Lion headphones, and Frog pet bed

Best Squishmallow Gifts

Surprising no one, Squishmallows are on the most wanted gift lists for children and adults again this year, so we’ve collected the best ones.

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Impossibly, unreasonably soft, with their plush fabric and marshmallowy stuffing, and possessed of friendly little faces and adorable backstories, Squishmallows fill a certain type of person with acquisitive longing. The company behind them certainly knows how to capitalize on this, even putting out an advent calendar this year filled that’s filled with mini toys from their Squishville line.

It is, however, eye wateringly expensive, and if you need to find something more affordable for your Squishmallow obsessed loved ones fear not, there’s sure to be something on this list that fits the bill. We’ve even managed to find a whole lot of items that aren’t, or aren’t just, plush toys while still being Squishmallow themed for those of you who just can’t (can’t) bring more plushies into your house but still need Squishmallow gifts for your kids.

2023 Christmas Fifi the Fox

A red fox Squishmallow with a white stomach and a green scarf with a gingerbread man on it

Starting with traditional Squishmallow toys, this year’s Christmas line includes a particularly cute version of Fifi the Fox. One of the original eight characters, Fifi is an adventurer who wants to go everywhere from the arctic to the moon and is currently the Squishmallow Fire Chief. The Christmas 2023 version is 10 inches tall, so a midrange mallow and comes with a really cute green scarf with a gingerbread man on it.

Squishmallow Take 4 card game

Squishmallow Take 4 cardgame. A white box with pastel squishmallows all over it and a brown yeti squishmallow shown through a plastic window in the centre of it.

If you’re looking for something a little more collaborative, say a game you could all play together once the unwrapping frenzy is done, then the Squishmallow Take 4 Card game may be for you. Designed for 2–4 players, it’s all about collecting a complete Squishmallow squad, but in card form so victory won’t take up any more space in your house, and it allows the thrill of completing that set to happen over and over again with the added joy of beating the rest of the family built in.

It also comes with a unique Squishmallow toy you can’t purchase separately (but at least it’s a small one?), so it’s a good compromise if your kid wanted all the Squishmallows and you wanted an activity you could do together and also for there to be fewer plushies in your house.

Squishmallow headphones

Carla the Caticorn Squishmallow headphones

I legit thought these were ear muffs when I first saw them—and was still entirely prepared to add them to this list—but it turns out they’re actually plush-wired headphones. Like the light-up cat ear headphones but even cuter! I imagine these would be great if you’re a Twitch streamer with a particular cute vibe, or really or anyone who happens to like adorable things and use headphones. These Carla the Caticorn headphones are my favorite because of the rainbow mane but they come in a number of different character designs.

Squishmallow neck pillow

Rainbow sloth Squishmallow neck pillow.

If your giftee travels a lot, one of these Squishmallow neck pillows might be the perfect option. It’s like a plushie travel buddy that hugs your neck so you can get a good—or at least good for a plane or train nap—sleep while you get to wherever you’re going. Fun and function! Or at least, a compromise item for someone who wants to own a billion plushies but feels guilty about adding any more to their collection. I’ve picked out this adorable rainbow sloth called Mandy because I like the colors but there’s a range of designs to choose from.

Squishmallow pillows

Winston the Owl Squishmallow pillow

If you or the person you’re buying for needs everything in the house to be Squishmallow-themed but doesn’t want to use actual Squishmallows as pillows, whether for practicality reasons or because it feels mean, it’s OK because now there are Squishmallow pillows too! This Squishmallow pillow has Winston the Owl, one of the best Squishmallow characters in my opinion, with a pink doughnut wrapped around his body.

Squishmallow backpack

Squishmallows Michaela Cheetah 5-Piece Backpack Set

Who says that practical gifts can’t also be cute? If a kid (or adult, no judging) you know needs a new backpack and they just love Squishmallows, you can combine the two things by getting them a Squishmalow backpack. If I were going to get one of these backpacks, I’d go for this Michaela Cheetah 5-piece backpack set because she’s such a pretty selection of colors and has a cute little blep and a wink going on, but there’s a whole different range of them, including some that are more classically Squishmallow shape.

Squishmallow water bottle

A Squishmallow waterbottle. It's clear with a pink lid and a pink and blue striped transfer covering most of it with little cartoon Squishmallow's over it.

Another great practical gift for the Squishmallow obsessive is this Squishmallow water bottle. This is especially good for a little kid because I’m told they lose their water bottles all the time, and then it’s a nightmare trying to find one for them to bring to school. Maybe having a Squishmallow-themed one will make it interesting and appealing enough they’ll actually remember where they’ve left it! And hey, if not, then you’ve still killed two birds with one stone by increasing the over all number of water bottles in your house via the medium of Christmas presents (useful clutter vs. clutter-clutter?). Anyway, its cute.

Squishmallow Pet Beds

A green, frog, Squishmallow pet bed. It's round and wide with mounded edges.

What to get someone who is obsessed with their pets and with Squishmallows? A Squishmallow pet bed. Honestly, I bet this is lovely and squishy and comfy to lie on (I kind of want a human-size one for me) and a great addition to your home. If you’re a person who gets your pets gifts every year and have $30 to blow on a Christmas present for a dog, maybe this is the one to go in for. Either way, it’s going to look really cute in someone’s house with a cranky old dog or maybe a tiny little puppy asleep on it.

Squishmallows art set

Squishmallow art set including colouring pencils, stickers, and stencils.

Another great gift for a Squishmallow-obsessed kid is this Squishmallows art set that combines their favorite thing with a number of creative activities. We all know why activities like coloring are good for kids, and when you’re in need of a rainy day or sick day activity, the theme matching up with something they really love might help compensate for the fact that they can’t go to the park or see their friends.

Squishmallows Christmas Mystery Box

Four Christmas themed Squishmallows, including a present sack and four characters in Santa or elf hats, poking out of and in front of a cardboard box.

If your giftee really wants an actual Squishmallow rather than Squishmallow-themed accessories, and if the element of surprise is an important part of any present-giving for you, the Squishmallows Christmas mystery box might be the answer. Containing five mini Squishmallows, all 5 inches tall, the box won’t take up too much space but still provides your giftee with a variety of cute new friends to love and play with.

(featured image: Squishmallows)

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