Best Sagittarius Anime Characters

Who doesn’t love a Sagittarius? They’re free thinking, extroverted, adventurous (and will totally cut you).

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No seriously! Sagittarius are the best (at putting the hurt on people) they will always go to bat for you (and turn the bat on you if you piss them off) They are hard working, ambitious, and highly creative (especially creative when coming up with ambitious ways to work you over). Unlike Cancers, they’re totally willing to leave home and trek out on their own (to flee the crime scene) and their fiery Aries-like disposition allows them to bond with all sorts of other people (to later assume their identities). So to celebrate Sagittarii, I’m coming up with a list of my absolute favorite Sagittarius characters in anime! And no, Sagittarius is NOT threatening to hurt me if I don’t say only nice things about them. Lol where in the world did you get THAT idea (please help me) silly?

Saturo Gojo

(image credit: MAPPA)

Saturo Gojo is the very epitome of a strong, adventurous Sagitarius (maybe he can help me)! An upbeat and jolly dude, he’s always goofing around with his students and having a grand old time experiencing the joy of life (something I might be deprived of very soon). He marches to the beat of his own drum, and is always traveling across the oceans to fight the forces of evil (does he make house calls?) He’s also a super tough guy, and is currently the most powerful jujutsu sorcerer in the entire world. He’s got insane combat skills (I’d give my left lung for them) and so far he’s shown himself to be totally unbeatable (I hope it stays that way). Like many Sagittarius, he hates authority (like law enforcement) and is always going against what his higher-ups say. When the leaders of the jujutsu sorcerer organization put a hit out on his student Yuji Itadori, he formulated a clever plan to save Yuji from death (maybe he could do it for me). Saturo Gojo is a Sagittarius that you definitely want to have on your side in a fight (so if anyone knows him PLEASE CALL HIM RIGHT NOW).

Rock Lee

(image credit: Pierrot)

Another fine example of a strong Sagittarius, Rock Lee is one of the most powerful ninja in the Naruto universe (I need him). He is unable to use ninjustu techniques, so he became a master of hand to hand combat (perfect) in order to defeat his foes. He’s totally a headstrong guy! In fact, his head is strong enough to split boulders in half (even better). Like many other Sagittarius people, he’s a highly extroverted person. He’s outgoing and sociable, and is always willing to help out a friend in need (we’re not friends but I’m REALLY IN NEED). He’s also a person who’s always willing to go against the grain, particularly against people in authority. Many of his teachers thought that he would never amount to anything because he was unable to use ninjutsu techniques, and therefore it would be impossible for him to become to become a strong ninja. But he persevered, training from dawn until dusk to enhance his physical skills (literally that’s perfect please send him over) and he was eventually able to completely overwhelm many ninjutsu users through his physical skill alone (I’m feeling really overwhelmed right now too).

Asuka Langley Soryu

Asuka Langley in Neon Genesis Evangelion
(image credit: Gainax)

Asuka is another wonderful example of a powerful Sagittarius. She’s a little bit less friendly than the other Sagittariuses on this list (good maybe she’ll be even more ready to fight) and she often butts heads with the other giant robot pilots that she has to work with under government supervision. Her prickly exterior is mostly a facade however, and inside she is much more timid and self-doubtful than she lets on (I wish that was the case here). Nevertheless she is a fierce combatant in battle (good) and she is able to hold her own against horrifying god-like aliens bent on destroying humanity (okay awesome call her). Unlike the other Sagittarius on this list, she doesn’t seem to have a problem with following orders from authority (so order her to help me) but she eventually begins to avoid combat situations all together after she suffers from a few devastating defeats . Overall, Asuka is a complex character who fans have been debating since Evangelion first took the anime world by storm (I need something taken by storm as well).

Jet Black

(Image credit: sunrise)

Jet Black might be the finest example of a Sagittarius on this list. A former police detective (perfect, he can track the unmarked van I’m being held in down) he turned to a life of bounty hunting (seriously he’s great at finding people and I need that) after being injured in the line of duty. Even while he was a detective, he refused to play by the police department’s established rules, which led some of his former comrades to attempt to assassinate him (he survived once I bet he could again). His betrayal has made him become much more cynical and jaded on the outside, but inside he still cares deeply for his fellow crew members on the Bebop. He is an extremely adventurous person, and even though he lost an arm dealing with criminals, continues to travel the solar system chasing down lawbreakers to this day (I’ve got a bounty for him). All in all, Jet Black is a tough, trustworthy person, and someone you want to have on your side when things go wrong (and they have REALLY gone wrong here).

Rintarou Okabe

(image credit: White Fox)

While Rintarou is more of a thinker than a rough and tumble doer, he is still an adventurous individual who is willing to go where no scientist has gone before: backwards in time (I’m liking where this is going). Like many other Sagittarius before him, he too wrestles with authority. But instead of wrestling with the laws of men, he wrestles with the laws of nature. He is the inventor of the world’s first time machine (which is PERFECT! TELL HIM TO RESCUE PAST ME BEFORE I GOT MYSELF INTO THIS MESS) and he is also the first person to test it. On himself. A dedicated friend, he has to use the time machine to save one of his companions from death (again, PERFECT) and works tirelessly to achieve his goal. If you’re looking for someone to break the mould of a standard anime Sagittarius, Rintarou Okabe is your man (and I need him to break a couple of other things while he’s at it. LIKE ME OUT OF THE BACK OF THIS PANEL VAN).

Featured image credit: MAPPA

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