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Best LGBTQ Dating Apps, Ranked

In an increasingly digital world, it has become increasingly difficult to find a match online or offline, particularly for those of us in the LGBTQ+ community. So, we’ve collected some of the best LGBTQ dating apps for finding soulmates, bedmates, or friends from the alphabet.

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Zoe dating app icon.

Zoe is womxn focused. It’s a swipe-based app, very similar to Tinder in its design, for lesbian, bisexual and queer womxn. Zoe is a very visual-oriented app; if you’re not confident that photos will sell your personality, this may not be your app. Premium versions of Zoe offer more features, which you may find in other apps for free. (7.2 million users, international.)


Tser dating app icon.

Tser is less than five years old. As a new app, it is nowhere near perfect. However, it is designed by and for trans folk. Not only can you connect with other trans people in your community, but there are social tabs to post about your day and unique interests. Being a relatively new app for a marginalized community, the user base does not compare to other larger dating apps.


Grindr dating app icon.

The classically handsome and popular app oriented to gay men, Grindr became popular for a reason: It is the #1 go-to for gay men looking for hookups. It is very visual and physique-focused. Being a more extensive and popular app, there is more likelihood of spam accounts, bots, and people being on there for the wrong reason, so it is always best to swipe on the side of caution. With recent updates, the app’s free version has limited usage. (13+ million users, international.)


Her dating app icon.

HER is a womxn-focused, self-proclaimed “space where queer women, nonbinary and trans sapphics come to meet.” The app is used for dating and friendship, with differing match and connect capabilities. Ensure you’re not talking to a spam or bot account with HER’s verify system. The interface is similar to Hinge, with an emphasis on compatibility. (13+ million users, 140+ countries.)


Scruff dating app icon.

SCRUFF is oriented to queer men; though the app is advertised as LGBTQ+ inclusive, its imagery is near exclusively male. For He/Theys, SCRUFF is an excellent alternative to Grindr, particularly if you’re looking for relationships and community building. The app offers a curated community space with LGBTQ+ events near you. Most filtering features require a subscription. (20+ million users, 180 countries.)


Tinder dating app icon.

Yes, Tinder. Though the app may be culturally known for hookups, spam, and bots, users testify to have met long-term partners. As an all-inclusive app geared towards all walks of the LGBTQ+ community, Tinder’s transparency can be refreshing. As a visually dominant platform with the original swipe-based algorithm, you may find Tinder too gamified for your tastes, but as one of the largest and most well-known apps, the user base is vast—you may have more luck than you’d think. (75+ million users, international.)


Hinge dating app icon.

“Designed to be deleted”: Hinge’s mission has always been to serve the serious daters looking for long-term commitment. Their Nobel Prize-winning algorithm is compatibly driven, and profiles are highly customizable, including preferences, traits, and goals. There’s an overwhelming number of pronouns to choose from, although many of the once-free filtering options for your algorithm have been made premium. (23+ million users, international.)


Feeld dating app icon.

“A dating app for the curious,” Feeld is an app geared towards queer folk interested in Polyamory. They support 20 different gender identities and 20+ sexualities in their customizable profile options. Open to connections between 2, 3, and more, Feeld’s app has a unique versatility for conversations and meeting new people. They also organize events in person and virtually to draw you out of your shell. You may want to brush up, if you’re unfamiliar with poly acronyms, before signing up.


OkCupid dating app icon.

In 2013, OkCupid was the first dating app to expand its profile customization to include 22 genders and 13 sexualities—surprisingly LGBTQ-friendly for a boomer tech company. Like most dating apps, OkCupid is 100% free, but like most, many prime features are locked behind a paywall. Built before the rise of the swipe, OkCupid is all about the compatibility score. (70+ million users, international.)


Lex dating app icon.

What began as a throwback to the ’80s lesbian classified era is now an all-inclusive LGBTQ+ dating and social networking app. Primarily written word-focused, Lex offers a variety of ways to get connected and stay connected in your local queer community, including group meet-up functionality and curated local events and groups.


Taimi dating app icon.

Taimi is a free, all-inclusive dating app. Its design is developed to help the LGBTQ+ community feel safe, seen and respected. There are 15 sexualities and many more gender options; the app encourages both monogamy and polyamory with queer flair. Taimi is a swipe-based design with text cards, community posting capabilities, and an algorithm encouraging mutual matches. The app has many safety features in place and prides itself on the privacy of its users. (22+ million users, 138 countries.)

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