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Best Leo Anime Characters

Sasuke Uchiha about to give Naruto a smooch

Leos literally only want one thing, and it’s fucking attention.

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If you’re a Leo, don’t lie. Don’t look shy and bashful. Don’t pretend like you don’t covet the spotlight every waking moment of your life. You heard what I said and it sang to your very soul didn’t it. You don’t care about Capricorn achievement. You don’t crave any sort of Piscean spiritual enlightenment. You just want everyone to look at you, and GUESS WHAT bitch…

You fucking deserve it.

You’re a LEO. You’re proud. You’re glorious. You may or may not have a shimmering lion’s mane of hair on your head but you sure ACT LIKE YOU DO. And we LOVE IT. We love it because secretly we all want attention, but you fiery bitches are the ones who seek to claim it. So to celebrate you, I’m compiling a list of the best, most attention seeking anime Leos to see how they measure up to your eminent radiance.

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke thinking about revenge
(image credit: Pierrot)

Sasuke Uchiha acts all quiet and reserved, but you and I both know that attention is all this bitch craves. When his older brother Itachi started running around being a Gemini genius and getting all his dad’s attention, you can bet Sasuke was pissed. So what did he do about it? He stood on a dock from dawn until dusk practicing shooting fireballs with his mouth so his dad would give him the attention he deserved. And you can say “oh no, all he wanted was love” or “oh no, all he wanted was acceptance from his family”. Okay true, and how does someone show their love for you? BY PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU. And it didn’t stop there. Sasuke’s WHOLE LIFE was based around getting attention from people. But he was a clever little Leo bitch because he denied it and therefore got even more attention. “No Naruto, stop chasing me. I don’t want your attention. My new dad Orochimaru pays more attention to me than you, Sakura, and Kakashi ever did.” And what did that convince Naruto and friends to do? Chase after Sasuke even harder. Some classic Leo shit right there. But you know what? Sasuke deserves it. He’s talented, he’s stylish, he’s got cool Sharingan eyes, and he grows up to be a pretty hot dude.

Sasha Braus

(Image credit: Studio Wit)

On the surface, Sasha Braus seems like someone who doesn’t want any attention. When this girl had the “only a Leo would do this” audacity to pull out a whole potato and eat it right in front of her drill instructor while standing in formation, it seems like she was trying to be sneaky to the untrained eye. But anyone who knows a Leo knows that sometimes they just can’t help it. Sasha’s inner lion was probably like “fuck it up bitch, eat whole potato, make them look at you” and like the good soldier she is, she just followed orders. Now to be fair, Sasha is not always trying to seek out attention like some of the other bitches on this list, but she certainly likes it from some people. Especially people who can cook. In the end of Season 4, she starts cozying up to an Eldian chef because he feeds her. And if there was ever a way to show any Leo on Earth that you love them, it’s by cooking them food. It’s the ultimate form of giving attention because you are literally keeping them alive. And what do Leos live for? Attention. It’s a beautiful cycle, you feed a Leo with attention in the form of good eating, and they have the energy to seek out more attention. When they get tired, you feed them more food-attention, and the cycle continues. Well done Sasha, you managed to get the ultimate Leo hook up. You deserve around of applause.

Tuxedo Mask

(image credit: Toei Animation)

Okay this Leo bitch might be the number one attention seeker on this whole list. Tuxedo Mask’s entire schtick is about attention. Picture it: the Sailor Moon squad is fighting some horrible ugly monster, they’re doing okay in the beginning but then the monster powers up and goes on the offensive. The girls start getting tired, they start making mistakes, eventually the monster gets the upper hand. Then in the eleventh hour, just as the monster is about to strike a killing blow: FLASH! Suddenly, a beautiful long stemmed rose has embedded its thorny end into the monster’s flesh. Oh but who could it be? Who threw that rose so gallantly? No, it couldn’t be. Could it? The tension builds, the girls look up to the bay window that has been thrown open. In it stands a figure, moonlight dancing across the fine fabrics of his evening wear. The figure turns, revealing a handsome face covered by a mask. Is it? Yes, it is. TUXEDO MASK!!! The Sailor Moon girls squeal, and Tuxedo Mask descends into the scene to save the day.

Isn’t that the most Leo shit you’ve ever heard?

Like the man really had to wait until nightfall to start getting ready. He puts on formal wear then stops by a fucking florist so he can get his trademark roses. Then he waits until his friends need him the most to show up. And when he does, you can bet it’s all about him. Phenomenal. Iconic. Textbook Leo. The other bitches on this list could learn a thing or two.

Kurisu Makise

(image credit: White Fox)

Alright so here’s another pereon on this list that doesn’t seem like a Leo at first, but you can bet your sweet ass this bitch is a pure, red-blooded attention seeker like the rest of them. Kurisu is smart. Really smart. She’s a fucking genius. She’s 18 years old and she’s out here fucking around with time machines. She’s the top of her class everywhere she goes. She’s the in the 1 percentile of the 1 percentile. This girl sweats scientific achievement. And you’re gonna tell me she doesn’t do it for any attention at all? Hell no. This girl works that hard because you can bet your ass she wants that recognition. And if people get pissed off about it, she doesn’t care. Her own father is jealous of her scientific achievements, but does that stop her? Not at all. Every Leo knows that attention from haters is actually one of the most superior forms of attention, because it lets everyone know that you’ve made it. People are always jealous of what they don’t have, and Kurisu has it all.

Faye Valentine

(image credit: Sunset)

Faye Valentine is one of the original anime attention seekers, and my God does this girl know how to use the attention she gets. Faye Valentine is one of the most beautiful girls in the solar system, and she knows it. This allows her to get into any party, get close to any VIP, and fleece that motherfucker for all he’s worth. Seeking attention, particularly the attention of wealthy and powerful men, is how Faye makes her living. Of all the people on this list, she’s the person who has attention seeking down to an exact science. Sure Tuxedo Mask can show up throwing roses everywhere and people will “ooo” and “ahh” for a little while, but eventually that shit gets old. All Faye has to do is put on a party dress and find the right arm to hang on and boom she’s got cash in the bank. Tuxedo Mask’s tuxedo meanwhile is probably a rental. That motherfucker blow through half his paycheck doing whatever he does on flowers alone. The only attention he needs is from Faye Valentine to help him out, but I don’t think she’s going to give it any time soon.

Featured image credit: Pierrot

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