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Best LEGO Sets Under $100: Our 13 Favorites This Year

What’s that smell? Is that broke in the air? It’s me. I bankrupted myself buying a $900 Star Wars AT-AT LEGO set? Maxed out a credit card with a $2000 Star Destroyer. These LEGO sets are all under $100. I’ll just make a quick ATM stop. It’ll be fine.

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An assembled LEGO parrot figure

Look at this adorable little parrot! And such a steal! SO much less expensive than the real thing! A real parrot I would have to spend at well over a hundred bucks just to get my mitts on the little guy. Then food. Vet check-ups. A birdcage. All the newspaper to catch his… gifts. Plus they live like 50 years. Buying a real one is like a living mortgage. I think. I don’t have enough money for a house. But the metaphor still stands!


An assembled LEGO T-Rex figure

The mighty T-Rex! A proud beast from a bygone era! Millions and millions of years before the existence of such things as “student loans” and “rent”. With this little LEGO creation, I can remind myself that finances are only a recent invention, infantile when compared with the vast historical scope of life on this planet. And perhaps, if another extinction event occurs, they will once again become a thing of the past. C’mon Yellowstone supervolcano! This year is YOUR year! Don’t let me down! If I can’t afford rent, then NO ONE CAN.

Tiny Plants Building Set

A collection of LEGO tiny plants

The Tiny Plants Building Set! Perfect for a person like me who doesn’t have the capital to invest in real plants. Those guys are expensive! Even more expensive when I keep accidentally killing them and then have to buy more! But these cactuses? They NEVER need to be watered. Real cactuses could learn a thing or two. These LEGOs aren’t spiky either. Safe to touch!

Space Shuttle

A LEGO NASA space shuttle

With this under $20 Space Shuttle, I too can pretend that I am a space-traveling billionaire! I can shut my eyes and set my course for the stars! Leaving all the little people behind! I can pretend to use government money to crash rocket and after rocket in the swampy bogs of Cape Canaveral! And someday, I will build a new kingdom on Mars! That I will rule with a corporate iron fist! O glory!

1970 Ferrari

A LEGO 1970 Ferrari assembled

If my finances stay the way they are, this LEGO 1970 Ferrari will be the closest I’ll ever come to owning the real thing! But who needs a real car anyway? Why would I need to listen to a real Ferrari’s engine purr when I can make the same noises with my mouth while I drag the LEGO model across the sidewalk! I will be the talk of the town!

Piranha Plant

An assembled LEGO Piranha Plant from "Super Mario"

If I were rich, I would invest billions into genetically engineering a real life Piranha Plant, and I would feed all of my detractors to it. But alas, I can only dream with this LEGO one. But I can ALSO make LEGO figurine versions of all my enemies and feed THOSE to my LEGO Piranha Plant! Sure it won’t be quite as satisfying as the real thing, but LEGOs are about using your imagination after all. And I’ve imagined this moment for a long, long time.

Penguin Slushy Van

A Penguin Slushy Van with two LEGO minifigures

I know how I can make some extra money! I’ll start a business with this Penguin Slushy Van! It’s only a $15 investment! And because it’s LEGO, I’ll never run out of slushie supplies! I’ll corner the LEGO slushie market, drive this bad boy through all of my LEGO sets. My LEGO Lord of The Rings heroes sure look thirsty fighting off all those orcs. I’m SURE they’ll spend they’re hard earned bricks on a trademark penguin slushie! They don’t even HAVE slushies in Middle Earth. I’ll OWN the market in an all out monopoly!

Venomized Groot 

A LEGO Venomized Groot from "Guardians of the Galaxy"

This Venomized Groot is a chilling metaphor for my body and soul, bogged down by the venom of crushing financial debt. It may be only $40, but the motivation it will provide me to bootstrap myself with a small loan of a million dollars is priceless! Now all I need is to find a New York real estate tycoon looking to adopt a full grown adult. And if he won’t do that, maybe he’ll adopt my ailing little tree son! Give little Venom Groot a chance at a better life! !


A LEGO R2D2 with box

This R2D2 is five cents away from being $100. But imagine what I could do with that five cents! If I put it in a savings account at 4% interest, it will be worth a million dollars in 429 short years! That would be MORE than enough to send my new Star Wars robot son to college! Loan him money to start a business! Even buy him an apartment in Bushwick!

The Batwing

A LEGO version of The Batwing with a Joker minifigure

If billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne can have his very own private fighter jet, then dammit I should have one too! And for $34, I CAN! This LEGO Batwing comes fully equipped with stud launchers, a storage compartment for batarangs, and even handcuffs to arrest the included Joker minifigure! Finally, I can take the law into my own hands.

Infinity Gauntlet

A LEGO version of the Infinity Gauntlet from "Avengers"

The Infinity gems are priceless, but I can own their LEGO counter parts and the Infinity Gauntlet for only $70! And with the power of all those stones, I could erase all of my debts with a snap of my fingers! And then I could snap my fingers again and print my own money! But what about inflation? SNAP. Inflation gone! It’s that simple! I think!

Star Wars Stormtrooper Mech

A LEGO Storm Trooper Mech shooting a blaster

Star Wars LEGO sets got me into perilous financial straights, and they’re gonna pull me out! Imagine all the banks I could rob with this intimidating Star Wars Stormtrooper Mech for only $15! Some teller decides to try to be a hero? Punch the alarm button? BAM. I’ll hit ’em right between the eyes with this thing’s stud blaster.

Bonsai Tree

A LEGO Bonsai tree with blooming flowers

Perhaps I just need to create a different relationship with LEGO figurines and free myself from worldly attachments? For $40, this LEGO Bonsai Tree could help me do just that. I could meditate as I prune its delicate LEGO leaves, replacing them with the flowering pink LEGO branches come spring. No amount of bills could throw off my inner peace.

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