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The 13 Best LEGO Sets for Couples in 2024

You know the saying, “those that play LEGOs together, stay LEGOs together”. Or maybe it’s “those that LEGO will never LEGO of each other?” Idk something like that. Whatever. So you’ve got a sweetheart with a thing for bricks? These 13 LEGO sets for couples will make their heart go all aflutter.

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Valentine Lovebirds

A set of two LEGO lovebirds

Look at these adorable little Valentine Lovebirds! They’re perhaps greatest example of couple goals in the natural world. Being in long term, committed relationships is literally baked into the DNA of these things. So much so that you can’t buy lovebirds solo, you must purchase them in pairs. I mean, you COULD buy one alone, but why would you do that you, bitter old crone? Just because YOU never found love doesn’t mean that you have to subject a sweet little birdie to your spinster fate.

Heart Ornament

A heart ornament made of LEGOs

Aw, look! A Heart Ornament! It’s the perfect thing to adorn the door of your little love nest. Whether it be your first home together, or a desperate Manhattan marriage in order to afford skyrocketing rent, this Heart Ornament is a must for your love-nest. And if you ever break up, just IMAGINE how satisfying it will feel to dramatically hurl this thing to the floor and watch it shatter into a million pieces. Just like the bricks of your wasted heart.

Flower Bouquet

A LEGO Bouquet of flowers

This Flower Bouquet is a must for a LEGO courtship. Unlike real flowers, these flowers will NEVER die. And unlike real fake flowers, these fake flowers are made out of cool square bricks and not cheap fabric. If you want to show your real fake love to your real lover, a LEGO flower bouquet does it better than words ever could.

LEGO Roses

A box of LEGO Roses

Why use an entire flower bouquet to say “I love you” when you could say the same with just a few LEGO Roses. Imagine it. Your baby comes home from work to see a trail of LEGO bricks leading to the bedroom. They open the door to reveal you laying on the bed in the candlelit room with a LEGO rose in your teeth. Just make sure there aren’t any more bricks on the floor for your love to step on while they tumble into bed with you. That will kill the mood fast.

LEGO Cherry Blossoms

Two branches of LEGO Cherry Blossoms

Nothing says love like springtime. Nothing says springtime like these LEGO Cherry Blossoms. Why not buy them in bulk? Make your apartment look like the cherry blossomed streets of Washington, DC or Kyoto in April. Toss them gently at your lover and watch the petals explode into a thousand glittering pink bricks. How romantic.

Romantic Valentine Picnic 

A LEGO set of a couple having a Valentine picnic

Why go on a gross real picnic with hot sun, itchy grass, and personal-space invading bugs when you can have a Romantic Valentine Picnic with LEGOs in the comfort of your air conditioned, (hopefully) insect free home! And look! It even comes with a minifigure couple! You could always replace them with LEGO characters you secretly ship. Batman and the Joker sharing a bottle of rose, for instance.

Valentine’s Bear

A Valentine's Bear hold ing a heart on a stick from LEGO

This Valentine’s Bear is so sickeningly sweet I want to empty the contents of my stomach, but in a really romantic way. Just look at those big, gooey anime eyes. Those high, flushed cheeks. That oversized heart shaped lollipop. Or traffic sign. Or BSDM paddle. It’s up for you and your special someone’s interpretation.

Bouquet of Roses

A Bouquet of LEGO Roses

Why settle for one measly LEGO rose in your teeth when you could have a whole bouquet of roses!? Nothing says “I love you” like a rose. So a bunch of roses says it multiple times! Here’s an idea! Drive to your lover’s house on a dark night, stand in there front yard and baseball pitch these suckers up to your beloved’s bedroom window. When the glass breaks and they wake in terror, they’ll know it was the power of your love that did.

Bonsai Tree

A LEGO Bonsai tree with blooming flowers

Roses are great for expressing youthful passion. But what if you want to tell your lover dear that you want to grow old with them? This LEGO Bonsai Tree is the perfect answer. These little guys are long lived even when not made of plastic. This LEGO one will last literally until the sun blows up. If your love doesn’t last billions of years, was it even love at all?

Valentine’s Brown Bear

A box picturing the LEGO Valentine’s Brown Bear

If that other Valentine’s Day Bear was just a little too cute for comfort, try this classic LEGO Valentine’s Brown Bear. It’s got a timeless design. And look! It’s holding a little heart! And it’s got heart shaped plants growing next to it! Or maybe those are razor sharp Cupid arrowheads stuck in the LEGO earth? Touch them and see!

Starry Night

A LEGO version of "The Starry Night" by Van Gogh

Perhaps you and your special someone appreciate the finer things. Like art. You can’t go wrong with this LEGO replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night“! Look at the quaint little houses where you hope to someday reside! The flamelike tree burning like love’s bonfire into the starry sky! How breathlessly romantic!

Paris Skyline

A LEGO version of the  Paris Skyline

Paris is the city of love, after all. Something about the architecture makes you feel like buildings are making sweet love to your eyes. But real Paris, depending on where you live, might be thousands of miles away! Why go through all the trouble of getting to real Paris when you could enjoy the LEGO Paris Skyline right from your home?

Wedding Favor Set

A box picturing a LEGO bride and groom march down a LEGO brick isle

Perhaps you burn for your lover with the heat of the thousand suns. They’re your Forever Girl, regardless of gender. Maybe it’s time to take the next step. Pop the question. But are you gonna be like everyone else and get down on one knee with a boring old ring? No. What you’re gonna do is genuflect and whip out the Wedding Favor Set. They’ll know. Trust me. And they’ll say yes. And why stop there? Why go to all of the trouble picking flowers? Booking a venue? Deciding between a band or a DJ? Figuring out who’s gonna sit at the table with your aunt that no one likes? Bring this LEGO set down to the courthouse and perform the ceremony with LEGOs while a Justice of the Peace looks on!

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