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The Best Memes to Remind Us That the Internet Is Still Good Sometimes

The best memes of the best memes make for the best memes.

captain america meme

Memes are what make the internet great. Things are pretty terrible right now, and that often spills over into what we see on the internet, but there are still great memes to remind us of the simpler times, when Twitter was more for stupid jokes than nonstop warning sirens. Even this year, we’ve had quite a few big memes take over the internet—some from years past and some new.

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So, we’re taking a look at some of the best we’ve seen thus far! They’re funny, wonderful, and evergreen moods.

First, there’s always room for a Ted-Cruz-is-the-Zodiac joke (a personal favorite of mine).

While Kermit the Frog memes are always great, Good Morning America inadvertently dubbing him “tea lizard” will never be topped.

A Star is Born is consuming our every waking moment.

Is there anywhere Meryl does not shine?

Spongebob Squarepants has given us many of the greatest memes, but being involved in the creation of an entirely new way to express a mocking tone is on another level.

Political pundit Chris Hayes surprisingly gave us the meme that started off 2018 and, unfortunately, it was about the president’s inability to stop lying about even the most inane things.

Black Mirror is a bit on the nose for our current society, but a good joke is a good joke.

Older internet users’ lack of web savviness is causing some pretty big problems, so of course, The Youths are on-hand to help.

Super Bowl Kid was definitely a mood. During Justin Timberlake’s performance, he seemed utterly confused about who was singing, and when Justin took a selfie with him, well …

The “Change My Mind” guy isn’t a great person, but he sure made it easy to make fun of him!

Jennifer Garner had a moment of realization at an awards show, and the jokes ranged from “Remembering you were married to Ben Affleck like” to this.

Of course, there was possibly this year’s biggest meme—the spoileriest to ever spoil:

And last, but certainly not least, the Steve Rogers meme that will live on for the next hundred years:

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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