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The 10 Best Horror Comedy Movies You Should Watch This Halloween

Let's put the "ha" in Halloween

alice in Bodies Bodies Bodies

This time of year is serious, alright (cue the playful laughter)! Meaning that Halloween is no laughing matter—until you’re watching a horror comedy, then hopefully it is. Trust me when I say that I’m all about the flat-out scares, where I’m clutching my invisible pearls and screaming at my screen. But there are times where I’m itching for some horror that’s supposed to make me laugh. That’s something that people don’t always think horror should do.

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Fact of the matter is that horror comedies aren’t always taken seriously. Sometimes they’re shrugged off as meaningless shlock, when in reality us horror fans are allowed some laughter! We can be scared and then cackle in the same breath. And given these past couple of years, laughter is needed even if just for a moment. Certified shlock or not, it’s fucking needed sometimes.

Now about the following movies: I’m not listing anything that’s a major throwback. Most of you know about the Evil Dead franchise or other older horror movies. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t revisit them, but it’s good to give a nod to newer movies.

Freaky (2020)

the butcher in millie's body in Freaky
(Universal Pictures)

When I say that I could go on about this movie, I’m not joking. Anyone who says this slasher comedy is shit will get virtual raw salmon thrown at them. Freaky (2020) took a body swap concept and made it interesting. Watching Vince Vaughn play a teenage girl and Kathryn Newton a ruthless serial killer is 100 chef’s kisses. There’s so much about the film that’s queer, including Chris Landon and Michael Kennedy who wrote the film. Again, rather than go on about my love for this, I’ll say that you should watch it if you haven’t. Don’t spoil anything for yourself either, just lay back and enjoy this hilarious and endearing queer slasher on Halloween night.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)

phoebe and cole in The Babysitter: Killer Queen

Let me say this right now: if you hated The Babysitter (2017) then you will despise this sequel. Think of the first film but amplify the corny lines, the gore, the silly plot, etc., though Jenna Ortega does help this film tremendously in the moments that it’s not working. Essentially this sequel is a continuation of what happened in the first one. Cole (Judah Lewis) has to deal with madness yet again, only he’s older and is considered to be unstable by his parents. This is a sequel that you have fun with and maybe that’s all it is to you. Watch it in the dark with your fave snacks after rewatching or watching The Babysitter (2017).

Slaxx (2020)

random character being strangled by the jeans in Slaxx
(The Horror Collective)

To explain what this movie is about may automatically turn people off, considering it’s about a pair of literal killer pants. But it’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. There’s actually a message behind the film and a very tragic social issue that’s explored near the end. Slaxx (2020) will not appeal to people who think it’s stupid off the bat. This is a horror comedy that you must go into with an open mind, and without putting too much pressure on being impressed. There’s a good amount of gore, weird scenes, and characters that may surprise you. All in all, it’s a little Canadian film that does what it needs to and you should probably check it out at least once.

Bingo Hell (2021)

lupita with goop on her hands in Bingo Hell
(Amazon Studios)

Despite the negative reviews and ratings for this film, it isn’t horrible whatsoever. The performances from certain folks and having older marginalized folks be the focus is a change of pace. Bingo Hell (2021) does have a few confusing beats, but ultimately it’s about a group of seniors whose bingo hall is turned into a casino that’s run by a supernatural force in the form of a man. This movie is unique in that it highlights the horrific nature of gentrification. The reality is that it is real life horror, especially for these really marginalized seniors. Since it’s a Blumhouse film, you have to proceed with caution because they don’t always hit.

Black Friday (2021)

store employees in Black Friday
(Screen Media)

Hold on, hear me out. Before you click out of this article and claim I need my horror card revoked, this movie is fun. It doesn’t even take itself all that seriously! Plus, who could ignore the film when Bruce Campbell and Devon Sawa star in it? Black Friday (2021) happens to take alien horror and do something different. These people are store employees that aren’t treated very well. And it shows the horrors (ironically) of retail during the holidays especially. There’s something so much fun about horror that’s set in a mall, store, hospital, and similar places. This movie is also relatively funny and if you want to enjoy yourself without thinking too much, this will work for you!

Werewolves Within (2021)

finn being a bad ass in Werewolves Within
(IFC Films)

Whether you’ve had the experience of playing the game or not, the film isn’t remotely what you’re expecting. A typical werewolf horror movie this is not, which is precisely why it works for me and potentially other folks. Werewolves Within (2021) is one of those horror comedies that succeeds at making you scared. Then it makes you laugh at the stupid behaviors of the characters. Of course, I have my reservations about Finn (Sam Richardson), A.K.A. Only Black Character, being a cop. But he’s such a good main character and is allowed to have bad ass moments. He’s also not reduced to a cheap stereotype. Overall if you’re into werewolves, absurdity, and fun twists then this is will be suitable for a Halloween watch.

Fresh (2022)

noa and steve dancing in Fresh
(Searchlight Pictures)

Making the act of modern dating into something horrific is genius. The ways in which straight men will talk to the women they apparently want to date is … something else. Therefore, in Fresh (2022) we want Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones) to meet someone like Steve (Sebastian Stan). Until it’s revealed who he really is 30 minutes into the movie! Despite the subject matter, there are plenty of comedic moments for us as the audience. Personally, this is kind of horror comedy that would’ve been fun to watch in theaters, but you can catch it on Disney Plus. Also, let the main cast members star in more horror!

Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)

sophie and bee in Bodies Bodies Bodies
(A24 and Stage 6 Films)

Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022) is yet another 2022 horror hit. With a major twist revealed at the end and a lot of Gen Z flavor. Watching a lot of rich folks weaponize language to justify shitty behavior is chef’s kiss. It’s absolutely what people do, and it makes a mockery of said language. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging microaggressions, your identity as a marginalized person, gaslighting etc., though Bodies Bodies Bodies shows the kinds of folks that are toxic to one another and do anything but fully hold themselves accountable for their shit. It’s a hilarious and very neon horror comedy that can constitute as a slasher (no matter what people say). You can currently buy it on Google Play and other streaming platforms.

Sissy (2022)

cecilia in Sissy

If you’d like to hear more in-depth thoughts about this film, read my review. Otherwise, what I will say is that this movie is a fucking blast. Aisha Dee can truly deliver in horror as a genre and the way she plays Cecilia is the type of unhinged we often praise fictional women for. And this film does follow a slasher formula where a lot of the characters are HORRIBLE, making for a horror comedy that’s silently a slasher as well. It’s filled with commentary surrounding social media and influencers because wow, there’s a lot to say. This is definitely a horror comedy that’ll make you laugh out loud and think at the same time. Plus, a Black woman being the center focus in horror? Not as common as it should be.

My Best Friend’s Exorcism (2022)

abby and gretchen in My Best Friend's Exorcism
(Amazon Studios)

Recently I wrote a review about this film and my thoughts remain the same. It’s a fun time and is an adaptation of the book of the same name. Whether you’re a fan of the book or not, it’ll still be entertaining for you. The film focusing on a tight knit friendship is also a change of pace, rather than being about a parent trying to save their child or a romantic partner. Of course, it won’t be your flavor if you’re not into horror set in the ’80s. That might be a turn off if that’s the case. Other than that? It’s funny enough and the scares are pretty good! It’d be a perfect pairing with almost any of the films on this list.

(featured image: A24)

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