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The 10 Most Adorable, Huggable, and Squeezable Dog Squishmallows

Teal and White Dog Paw Prints, Puppy, Bone and Hearts Tile Pattern Repeat Background that is seamless and repeats

Do you love dogs but absolutely cannot get (another) one? Then plushies are the obvious choice to scratch that itch. Obviously, they’re not going to play with you and love on you like a real dog, but on the other hand they’re not going to lose you your deposit (or violate a lease, if you’re in a pet-unfriendly building), bark all night, or make you take them outside when the weather’s bad. So it’s a trade-off, really.

But this list isn’t just about plush toy dogs in general, oh no, it’s about the obsession-inducing Squishmallows that have once again won toy of the year at the industry awards. If you’ve been living under a rock (read: not on Tiktok), or are looking to buy a present for someone else and don’t actually care about stuffed animals, you may be wondering what Squishmallows are. Available in a range of sizes, usually egg-shaped and with only the barest suggestion of limbs, Squishmallows are the inexplicably cute heroes of the pandemic. Made from the softest fabric imaginable and a somehow even softer marshmallow-esque stuffing, they come in sizes as small as two inches all the way up to a pillow-sized 24 inches.

Whether your partner needs a pocket dog to keep them company at work or you think your couch cushions could use some adorable personality, Squishmallows (and us, with this list) have you covered. Here are the 10 most adorable dog Squishmallows available:

2023 Valentine’s Collection Pam the Pug

A tan pug Squishmallow wearing a heart shaped antenna headband

Making a cute little blep face, Pam is a tan and white pug whose biography says she’s an aspiring florist who makes the loveliest bouquets! Pam is a regular member of the Valentines Squad and this year’s 16 inch version of her comes wearing absolutely adorable heart shaped antenna on a headband. With a pair of sparkly wings completing her cupid look she makes it into the top spot for me. Look at her happy little face!

Bryce the Rainbow Dog

A pastel pink dog Squishmallow with long rainbow ears

Another member of the Valentine’s Squad, Bryce is a pastel pink dog with long, fluffy rainbow ears and a pair of hearts embroidered on his stomach. With no breed listed, Bryce seems to be a mutt, and according to his bio is a rollercoaster-loving, guitar-playing comedian who also loves baseball. Available in multiple sizes, Bryce would be perfect for a pastel-lover just as extroverted as he is!

Gustavus the Grey Dog

A grey dog squishmallow with long fluffy ears

Another mutt, Gustavus is a long-eared dog with a soft, sweet face. With dark grey tie dye plush on his body, long, light grey fur on his stomach and ears, and a little round spot over one eye, he’s just adorable and exactly the right thing to sit on your desk if you need cheering up. Gustavus’s bio has him as a popular introvert who used to feel weird for needing time alone but has learned to be comfortable with his needs instead.

Andres the Sheltie

A tan sheltie dog Squishmallow

A tan Sheltie dog with a friendly little face, Andres is ready to brighten your day. Another comedian, Andres’s bio says that he’s very silly and apparently needs a little help when coming up with his jokes. Andres comes in every size, so you’ll have plenty of options if he’s the one you want to take home.

Prince the Watermelon Pug

A Squishmallow pug with a watermelon body

Prince is a tan pug who differs from Pam in that his eyes are open, with a happy, yet slightly anxious expression on his face. Available in different varieties, this eight-inch version where he’s dressed in a watermelon costume is just so cute (though honorable mention also goes to the hoodie variant). His bio says he’s “royalty on the playground” and does lots of athletic tricks on the monkey bars, so he’d make a good companion for a gymnast or tumbler.

Ryan the Strawberry Husky

A Squishmallow husky dog in a strawberry costume

Keeping with the fruit theme, this 7.5-inch Ryan variant in a strawberry costume is just so adorable. Look at him—he’s round! Ryan is a grey husky and his biography says that in addition to being a friendly and sporty little pup, he’s also an inventor who loves robots and one day wants to go to space!

Brock the Astronaut Dog

A yellow and orange bulldog squishmallow in an astronaut's costume

Brock is an American football-playing bulldog who wants to grow up to be a nurse and likes to read to sick children on the weekends. This 8-inch variant of Brock has taken a sabbatical from his sports and nursing careers to go into space with his friend Daryl, but unfortunately he’s scared of heights so that’s something he’s going to have to overcome along the way. I just can’t with this one. Not only does he look adorable in his little space suit, but he’s got such an adorable back story and is working to overcome his fears!

New Release – Harrison the Dog

A tan dog Squishmallow with long ears and a patch over one eye, doing a blep

Not to be confused with Harrison the hippo, Harrison the dog has a patch over one eye, long, fluffy ears, and is available in a range of sizes. The old version of Harrison had his eyes open, but the new one, with his eyes smiled shut and an adorable little blep, is even cuter. According to his bio, he’s a very helpful problem solver, so much so that people used to think he was a teacher’s pet before they figured out all he wanted to do was help everyone out.

Mateo the Rottweiler

A rottweiler Squishmallow

Rottweilers have a bit of a scary reputation, but Mateo has such an innocent little face, I couldn’t not include him on the list. He even has the little orange-brown Rottweiler eyebrows, which is such a cute detail to include. Mateo gives the best hugs in Squishmallow land and is good at making people happy. While Mateo doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, he knows he wants to help people and is all around a very good boy! Though not available every size, there’s a decent range available to fit your budget (and your bedroom).

(featured image: Squishmallow / Getty Images / The Mary Sue)

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