David Tennant's 14th Doctor and the TARDIS in a poster for the Doctor Who 60th anniversary

The Best ‘Doctor Who’ Gifts for Your Favorite Whovian

Doctor Who has become something of a Christmas tradition over the years since the 2005 revival, with a new Christmas special out at least every few years. Fortunately, this makes it easier to get Doctor Who-themed gifts, because if there’s one thing we do better over here in the U.K. than slowly film beloved TV shows, it’s produce a baffling variety of Christmas-themed tat.

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I’ve tried to winnow out the good gifts from the naff here and supply a decent balance between items that scream Christmas and general good Doctor Who-themed gifts a person can enjoy year-round, but if you happen to have strong opinions on any of that, then by all means, share them loudly in the comments.

TARDIS hanging ornament

A small blue rectangular box with white windows on the door hangs from a fir tree.
(Her Universe)

Starting strong with a traditional Christmas gift, this TARDIS Christmas tree ornament will let the receiver bring a little bit of timeless Time Lord style to their Christmas decor. At less than ten dollars, and small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking, this could be the ideal Secret Santa gift for a Doctor Who fan or a last-minute addition to pad out what you’ve already got them.

TARDIS cookie jar

A rectangular box with white windows on the sides and a door on one side, and with a raised open lid showing chocolate chip cookies inside.
(The Who Shop)

Keeping to the TARDIS theme, this TARDIS-shaped cookie jar will add a pleasing Doctor Who-flavored touch to any geek’s kitchen. There’s just something about proper cookie jars in novelty shapes that’s really pleasing, and the fact that they serve a purpose as well as looking cute will help soothe the sort of person who feels like they can’t justify owning toys and collectibles anymore now that they’re an Adult™ but still really wants them.

Weeping Angels and Snowmen Christmas bobble hat

A blue and white bobble hat with snowflakes, weeping angels and snowmen on it in a fair isle pattern.

I find everything about this delightful. The pairing of something as innocuous as a bobble hat with Weeping Angels, the contrast between the cutesy, cozy modern Christmas feel with some of the most sinister beings in science fiction—I love it. There’s also the evil snowmen from that one Christmas special, which is just—*chef’s kiss*—a brilliant combo. Plus, because it’s leaning into the winter side of the Christmas aesthetic rather than anything too Christmassy, you can get away with wearing it until the weather improves long after December ends.

Adipose Christmas tree ornament

A waving baby Adipose, a round, marshmallow shaped little creature with black dot eyes and a friendly smile.
(The Who Shop)

Another Christmas tree decoration, this little dangling Adipose baby is so cute—and because they’re not actually Christmassy in and of themself, your recipient won’t be limited to Christmas and the Christmas tree to display them. Pretty much anything you can hang something off would be improved by the addition of an adorable dangly Adipose infant (may I suggest a music stand, just for starters?). I know they’re horrifying if you think about it too much, but hey, just don’t think!

Ninth Doctor and Rose action figures

Three figures; a white man with dark hair and a leather jacket on the right, a white woman with shoulder length blonde hair and a pink and white hoodie in the middle, and a blue and brown striped figure shaped like the man on the right on the left.
(B&M Stores)

It wouldn’t be a franchise-themed gift list without at least one set of action figures, so here’s a surprisingly affordable set featuring Rose and the Ninth Doctor. This may be a controversial take, but, in my opinion, Nine is the best, and I miss the days when it was him, Jack, and Rose roaming the galaxy. There are other Doctors and companions available if your giftee has a different favorite, of course. We’re all allowed our preferences, after all—even if they are wrong.

TARDIS dress

A blue dress with a flared skirt. The skirt has a pattern of Tardis', suns, moon, and stars on it.
(Hot Topic)

If you, or the person you’re buying for, has ever wanted to look like Ms. Frizzle in a cross-over episode with Doctor Who, then oh boy, is this the Christmas present for you/them. I just love this dress because it’s so clearly designed with a very specific type of fan in mind, and clearly, there are enough of them out there, ready and eager to buy it, that it made commercial sense for Hot Topic to take it from concept to design to actual product. The world is vast and filled with fandom!


A Tardis mug with a lid. Its a rectangular box shape with police box written above the windows on the side.
(The Who Shop)

Another cross-over if you squint item on this list—if you, or someone you love, has ever watched the Carmilla YouTube drama and wanted a mug like Laura’s, then I’m delighted to inform you that now’s your chance! This delightful TARDIS mug even has a lid to keep your hot chocolate warm, so if you have a sci-fi-loving useless lesbian in your life, get her this and pop some hot chocolate mix and a note to actually talk to her Carmilla inside of it for a fun yet truly helpful gift.

Hokusai TARDIS tea towel

A tea towel with a Japanese style print of a mountain The Tardis, a rectangular blue bod with windows, appears halfway into the image.
(The Doctor Who Shop)

Veering back into practical gifts and geeky kitchen decor, this tea towel has a print of the TARDIS on it, done in the style of master Japanese printmaker Hokusai. Tasteful, geeky, and functional! I feel like this will go down well with geeks who like to bake, though that may just be my own social circle skewing the demographics.

Cuddly Dalek and Doctor set

Plushies in a chibi style of the Fourth Doctor and a grey-blue Dalek. The Doctor has brown curls, a hat, and a long rainbow scarf.

I mean, who doesn’t want a Dalek you can hug and squeeze and love forever, and a soft and snuggly Doctor, small enough you can carry him everywhere in your pocket to help you deal with all the scary things in life? These plushies are really cute, great for kids and plushie-loving adults alike, and personally, I love thinking about how offended the Daleks would be at the very idea of being turned into a cute and cuddly comfort item.

Daleks and Cybermen mini diecasts

An orange and black patterned display box with the Doctor Who logo at the top and a gold dalek and silver cyberman inside. In front of it a gold dalek, a mostly gold coloured round topped conical creature with two lights on top of its head like eyes and a plunger and a whisk shape device where arms would be, and a silver cyberman, an inhuman looking robot.
(Sci-fi Collectors Shop)

If your giftee takes their Daleks rather more seriously, however, you could always go for the most old-school style collectible: diecasts! This set, featuring a gold Dalek and a Cyberman, is highly detailed and really cool-looking. Plus, there’s that vintage feel that comes from diecast models that really adds something to collectibles from an older show.

(featured image: BBC)

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